Patchwork Stripes Tutorial

Patchwork Stripes Tutorial for Polymer Clay by KatersAcres

I received several requests to share how I made this new pen & jewelry set from polymer clay. Here is a brief tutorial on how I made them. Details to make your own Faux Collage Veneers can be found here.


  • Scrap Polymer Clay in Any Color You Choose
  • 1/2 block of Premo polymer clay in your choice of color for the background
  • A variety of stencils, stamps, silk screens, etc.
  • A variety of inks, chalks, paints, etc.
  • Clay Blade

 How to Make Patchwork Stripes

For a more detailed tutorial on this technique see my Faux Collage Veneers Tutorial.

NOTE: You can make stripes using plain, unaltered clay as well as mini-veneers. However, using mini-veneers as stripes add interest to your design.

  •  Patchwork Stripes Tutorial for Polymer Clay by KatersAcresStart by conditioning several small 1.5″ squares of clay (this will make enough for multiple striped projects).
  • Prepare each veneer by layering different silkscreen, stencils, inks, dyes, stamps, etc.
  • Make 2-7 small veneers.
  • Condition 1/2 block of your choice of polymer clay (I used a custom dark blue color).
  • Cut different width strips onto each sheet.
  • Begin to layer the strips next to each other on the sheet of clay.
    • NOTE: I did mine two different directions for the pendant & earrings, you can do yours any direction you want.
  • Use a brayer and GENTLY roll it over the top surface of the sheet until the seams are well blended. Do NOT press so hard that you smash the clay.
  • Add a piece of saran wrap over your finished striped sheet.
  • Cut cutters to cut out the shapes you desire for your pendant.
  • Remove the pieces you cut out from the sheet and finish as you see fit.
  • Bake your finished items in a 275 degree oven for 45 minutes if you have used Premo! polymer clay.

Want to learn to make mixed media veneers & what products work well?

See my Faux Collage Veneers Tutorial.

Additional Notes

Patchwork Stripes Tutorial for Polymer Clay by KatersAcres | Used to make this polymer clay covered penMaking small faux collage pieces, mini canvases, or veneers with a wide range of mixed media art supplies can be very fun. There are some do’s and don’ts, but you can experiment along the way. Here’s a few tips:

  • Not all inks, paints, chalks, etc will work with polymer clay. There is a learning curve on which products work best.
  • You do NOT have to create small veneers to make stripes. I like to add interest to the clay by doing so however.
  • You can add stripes to anything your heart desires, like this GIANT pen I made.
  • Crackle finish was done from a tutorial “Rustic Raku Crackle” by Shannon Tabor of Charleston Clay Jewelry. I highly recommend this tutorial.


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