Christi Friesen Inspired Polymer Clay Parrot Tutorial

Christi Friesen Inspired: Parrot Tutorial by KatersAcres | For Polymer Clay, Fondant, Gum Paste, Sugar Paste, Modeling Clay, and More!

For the Friesen Project, we are finishing up one of my favorite books, “Birds of a Feather.”  For this week’s extra-special tutorial, it is a Christi Friesen inspired parrot! Let’s get started!


  • Polymer Clay in red, blue, white and bright yellow
  • Pasta Machine or Acrylic Brayer
  • Teardrop Kemper Cutter Set
  • Your hands
  • Tiny-medium sized beads for eyes
  • Bronze Mica Powder
  • Craft Oven to bake your figurine



  • Polymer Clay Parrot Tutorial Steps by KatersAcresCondition your clay.
  • Start with a walnut size lump of bright red clay.
  • Shape the clay into a tapered log.
  • Use your thumbs and “pull” out a head shape from the log.
  • Again using a gentle “pulling” motion, pull a beak from the head area.
  • NOTE: For a more whimsical look, make a separate beak and attach to the front of the face.
  • Indent the area where the “neck” of the parrot is.
  • Flatten the tapered end to your work surface lightly.
  • Now gently raise the head into an upright position, squash gently and smooth for a realistic look.


  • Using your teardrop Kemper cutter, cut a teardrop shape from a medium thickness of yellow clay.
  • Affix it to the belly.
  • Using your fingers, blend the edges of the “belly” into the stomach area.

Eyes & Feet:

  • Again using your Kemper teardrop cutters, cut two small teardrops from a medium thickness of white clay.
  • Place in the “eye” area.
  • Attach black beads to the white eye area.
  • Cut two teardrops out of a medium-thick slab of orange clay.
  • Indent “toes” in the feet.
  • Attach to the bottom of your parrot and blend the seams.

Tail & Wings:

  • Using the Christi “Curl & swirl” method, add blue, red, & yellow curls & swirls of clay to make your tail in any pattern or design you choose.
  • Use the same (or complementary method) to make the wings.
  • If you so choose, put a “poof” on the head to add character to your parrot.


  • If you have pulled a beak from the head section, use a mica powder to add pizzazz to the beak.
  • Prop up the bird on something oven safe so his head and beak will not sag.
  • TIP: I use foil balls to prop up my creations so they will not sag in the oven.
  • Depending on the type of clay used: bake in the oven at 265 degrees, covered in foil, for approximately 45-60 minutes.
  • NOTICE: Check your clay package instructions for appropriate baking times.

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  1. Cute! I had already made a parrot & posted it yesterday! 🙂

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