Winter Snow Storm – Premo Color Recipe

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Winter Snow Storm Polymer Clay Color Recipe

I’ve written color recipes for polymer clay for a long time here on the blog. I use mostly Premo polymer clay in my studio, so I specifically write recipes for Premo polymer clay. All polymer clay artists have favorite color recipes or colors that they turn to and mix up often. I’ve whipped this color up many times in my studio as it’s a nice, deep, could quasi-purple-blue that will make heads turn. I hope you enjoy it and use it often.

I’ve used this Winter Snow Storm color recipe for lots of things, including dragons, canes, hearts, and so much more! This color makes a great base that is easily made into a purple-black or a rich purplish-red. You can alter it to suit your tastes.


Winter Snow Storm, Premo Polymer Clay Color Recipe from Kater's Acres
  • 1 Part Peacock Pearl
  • 1/2 Part Purple Pearl
  • 1/4 Part Alizarin Crimson


  • +1/2 Part Premo Ecru per recipe for a lovely muted tone that complements any neutral color palette.
  • +1/2 Part Soufflé Igloo for a delicate pastel that is both soft and light. The Soufflé also adds a delicious opacity to your clay.
  • +1/4 Part more Alizarin Crimson to your recipe for a greater purple tone to your blend.
  • -1/8 Part less Alizarin Crimson to your recipe for a lesser purple tone and more blue to your blend.
  • +1/2 Part more Purple Pearl to your recipe for an even great blue tone to your blend.

You can use color recipes for anything you can dream up. Yep, anything! From sculptures to jewelry, and even canes! Color recipes are only as good as your imagination, so be sure that you’re using them to the best of your ability. My favorite part about Winter Snow Storm is that it literally can look blue when placed next to cooler colors and more purple when placed next to reds. This color is all about how you use it and manipulate it.

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