Polymer Clay Color Recipe Deep Ocean Blue

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Polymer Clay Color Recipe Deep Ocean Blue by KatersAcres

Polymer Clay Color Recipe

Polymer Clay Color Recipe Deep Ocean Blue by KatersAcres



I love the color blue, in fact, it’s one of my favorites. Coming up with variations of blues to use in my designs is always a fun adventure. I stumbled upon this color recipe completely on accident, but have used it several times already. Enjoy!

Polymer Clay Color Recipe for Deep Ocean Blue

  • Polymer Clay Color Recipe Deep Ocean Blue VARIATIONS by KatersAcres1 Part Premo! Peacock Pearl (P)
  • 2 Parts Premo! Purple Pearl (Pr)
  • To the right is the chart of what happens with each main combination and how the color changes.


  • Add 1/2 part Premo! silver for a nice added shimmer.
  • Add 1/2 part Premo! Pearl for an instant lightness and brilliance.
  • Add 1/4 part Premo! Black for a deeper blue, reminiscent of navy.

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What Will You Create?

What kinds of things would you make with today’s color? Feel free to post your creations on my Facebook page and show everyone what you have made with the color palette from today’s blog post. Also, feel free to tweet your picture to @katersacres with #KatersCP to show off your creation!

I hope today’s color selections help you get back into your studio this weekend! Thanks for joining me today and don’t forget to sign up for more tutorials, prompts, and projects direct to your email. Sign up now.

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  1. Can u paint clay

    1. Yes. You can use acrylic paints on both raw & cured clay. You can also use oil paints on cured clay.

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