Polymer Clay Winter Steampunk Pendant Tutorial

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Polymer Clay Winter Steampunk Pendant Tutorial by KatersAcres

If you’ve been around KatersAcres for awhile, you already know that one of my favorite seasons is winter. In honor of that, here is a FREE polymer clay winter steampunk pendant tutorial you might enjoy. Feel free to share it with others.

Polymer Clay Winter Steampunk Tutorial Instructions:

Polymer Clay Winter Steampunk Pendant Tutorial by KatersAcres | CLICK to get the FREE Tutorial Now


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7 thoughts on “Polymer Clay Winter Steampunk Pendant Tutorial

  1. Hi Katie ,
    It is so beautiful!
    I broke my shoulder on April…. And didn’t do anything since. Now with the PT I begin to go back to life.
    How is your health?
    Send regards to your husband from us.

    1. Hi Naomi! I’m so sorry to hear about your broken shoulder; but I’m glad that things are beginning to look up with the PT and things are beginning to go back to normal for you. Things are going well here. I will tell Luke you said hello. ~Katie

  2. Hi Katie, Just a quick hello and thanks to you for all you do. My life is pretty messed up right now so I don’t keep in touch with others like I should, but I want you to know that when I see Katersacres in my inbox it always puts a smile on my face. You’re a good girl and a good person and quite the artist I must say, as well. Thanks for the smiles my friend. Pam

  3. Thank you Katie. I hope you know how much your generosity helps those of us who cannot afford to buy tutorials. You have once again taken away my resolve to quit claying. Love KatersAcres, and the emails.

    1. I’m so glad you stopped by and even MORE GLAD you are not going to quit claying. It’s FAR too much fun to quit now!

  4. When I click on the link for the old man winter door knocker it goes to the steampunk pendant tutorial

    1. Oh dear! I’ll fix that. Here’s the link for the Old Man Winter Door Knocker Christine. https://katersacres.com/product/polymer-clay-tutorial-old-man-winter/

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