WIP Wednesday – Christmas Gift Review

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WIP Wednesday in KatersAcres Polymer Clay Studio | CLICK for tutorial links, freebies, & polymer clay fun

WIP Wednesday

 Inside My Studio, Polymer Clay WIP Christmas Showcase

What’s Going on in KatersAcres Polymer Clay Studio?

As is usually the case, I have oodles of irons in the fire and things going on here for today’s polymer clay WIP. It’s been a very long time since I did a WIP Wednesday because I was making most of my Christmas gifts and I couldn’t share them with you, lest I spoil the gifts for my family and my friends. So, today (finally) I will share some of those with you.

Instagram IconFYI: I do tend to post photos on Instagram during the week so you can follow and stay up to date with me and what I’m working on (and get a surprise coupon every once and awhile too). Feel free to come over and follow me on instagram so that you can see behind the scenes work in my studio as well as some tips & tricks as I post them.
I have been making all kinds of things; from my normal whimsical characters to more realistic whimsical faces, canes, and even Givr my final project for the 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge [see him here]. The pictures start in the top row and work down going left to right.

  • WIP Wednesday in KatersAcres Polymer Clay Studio | CLICK for tutorial links, freebies, & polymer clay funI am fascinated with old man sculpts. Why? I have no idea, but there is something so special, natural, and fun about them. So … I’ve been making my fair share of them. The top photo shows a process shot from my Old Man Winter Door Knocker Tutorial, where you can learn to build your own.
  • This “Father Time” old man sculpt was a gift for my Dad for Christmas. I’m sure you’ll be reading more on him later. You can see my video explanation of how to go about using one tutorial as a basis for your own project. [Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel while you are there!]
  • Some of my newest tools include the new CaneBenders from Teresa Pandora Salgado [read about them here]. I’ve been playing with those a lot these past few weeks. These tools have a huge variety of options, you don’t just have to be a caner to work with them.
  • Be sure you don’t miss Givr, the final dragon in the 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge. He’s a full sized working marionette doll. Sorry, he’s not available for purchase, but if you want to see his process shots, make your own, or watch him dance (it’s really cool), you won’t want to miss it. [Read more about Givr].
  • One of my Christmas gifts from my Mom was a bit of studio fun … a new Toy Story Little Green Men mug. For those of you who don’t know, Toy Story is my favorite movie of all time.
  • My clay box … it’s a slight that almost gives me goosebumps each and every day. It’s a world of possibilities just waiting to come to life.
  • My brother Josh and his ogre jar. Over Christmas break, my brother stayed with us for a few days. He was very eager to go into the studio and make something himself from clay. He’d never touched it before, but his ogre jar is over the top excellent for a first time project!
  • Skinner blend basic plugs, blocks, & canes. These ones were for a project, but whenever I just need something to do, I go ahead and make up blended blocks. Why? Because you just never know when inspiration will strike and sometimes having work done ahead of time makes the project easier.
  • Polymer Clay Winter Steampunk Pendant Tutorial by KatersAcresThe next picture is often how a project starts for me. I gather a whole bunch of supplies and declare “I want to use THESE today.” Then the fun begins. I never quite know what will happen when I do this and I actually LOVE this part of my clay designing. These supplies? Oh, they turned into this fun and FREE tutorial for you: Wintery Steampunk Floral Pendant.
  • The helpful “to-do” list. Every good studio has a list. Whether a list of things you want to make, things that must get done, or projects you itching to create … list are helpful. Having a Parker to sit on them? Now that’s just plain old FUN!
  • Lastly, these steampunk gears are my prep work for the first Whimsical Sculpting Group Challenge that will be announced on Friday! If you are not a member, come on over and join us. It’s free!

What are you working on?

What’s going on in your studio? What are you working on? Is there a project you’d like to see me tackle and feature on the blog? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear your thoughts & ideas!

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