2015 Polymer Clay Challenge – Week 52

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2015 Polymer Clay Challenge - Week 52 with #KatersAcres #2015PCChallenge

The Final Week

The final week of the #2015PCChallenge has arrived!

My 2015 polymer clay challenge was to create (at least) one polymer clay dragon & one new Parker a week. As you go back through my posts, you will see on many occasions where I was only able to complete a polymer clay dragon. Poor Parker. Each participant in the 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge was encouraged to make something they want and decide on their own theme for the year.

Givr the Polymer Clay Marionette Dragon by KatersAcres | Week 52 of the #2015PCChallengeIn case you’ve missed all the excitement and the hubbub, we are doing the challenge again! If you missed our first year, come join us for the 2nd year in the 2016 Polymer Clay Challenge. Get details on how to join here.

For the last week of the year, I decided to do something completely different and completely unknown. For week 52, I ventured into the world of puppetry and took on the making and assembly of an 8″ tall full polymer clay, jointed marionette dragon.

Meet GIVR the Marionette Polymer Clay Dragon

Making of a Dragon Marionette by KatersAcresGivr is a very special dragon. After successfully completely all 52 weeks of the 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge, I decided to do something very special for the final week. I love marionettes and I have started a few, but never finished them. This week I decided I would face that fear of leaving a marionette half-finished and tackle a very large (well large compared to my 1-2″ miniatures) fully functioning marionette puppet. At the right you can see the step by step photos of my dragon in various stages of undress.

Givr has joints and is fully moveable as a marionette should be.

  • Head: Up, down, side to side
  • Arms: Up, down
  • Legs: Up, down
  • Tail: Up, down

I named this dragon “Givr” because my word for the year for KatersAcres in 2015 was ‘give.’ For those of you who are curious as to the time element, here’s a breakdown of time that it took to bring Givr to fruition:

  • Sculpting Time: 6 hours
  • Total Baking Time: 120 minutes
  • Painting Time: 30 minutes
  • Assembly: 1 Hour
  • Stringing the marionette: 3 Hours
  • TOTAL TIME: 12.5 Hours

Clearly, I had a VERY difficult time stringing Giver. I strung, restrung, and strung again for a grand total of 6 stringing attempts before the 7th time I got it right. Because this dragon marionette is my first fully functioning beast, I will not be allowing him to go for adoption at this time. More pictures of Givr are below.

Components Used: Hand-blended Custom Color Premo! Polymer ClayGlass eBeadsMica PowdersBlending ChalksAcrylic Paint, Brass Wire, Monofilament, Bamboo Sticks

Disclaimer: Givr moves very well as a marionette puppet … it’s “user error” that causes him to not run as smooth. I have NO idea had to be a marionette puppeteer.

Givr the Polymer Clay Marionette Dragon by KatersAcres | Week 52 of the #2015PCChallenge
Givr the Polymer Clay Marionette Dragon by KatersAcres | Week 52 of the #2015PCChallenge

  2016 Polymer Clay Challenge

2016 Polymer Clay Challenge hosted by KatersAcres

YES, we will be doing the Polymer Clay Challenge again next year. Be sure to come over to the FaceBook Group and join us!

Don’t forget to add #2015PCChallenge to all your social media & blog posts.

Join the 2015 Polymer Clay ChallengeAre you looking to challenge & stretch yourself, increase your skills, & be productive in 2015? Come on & join us. Take part in this worldwide, global initiative to make 2015 the BEST year for polymer clay ever! CLICK HERE to find out more information & learn how to join.

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