Polymer Clay Ghost Tutorial

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Ghost Tutorial by KatersAcres | For Polymer Clay, Fondant, Gum Paste, Sugar Paste, and Other Sculpting Mediums


With Halloween just around the corner, I’ve done another cute (and did I mention free) tutorial for you to have fun with this fall!



Ghostly Instructions:

How to Make a Ghost Tutorial by KatersAcresIn order to make a ghost from polymer clay, follow these steps as a guideline and use your own creativity to come up with different variations of the same styled ghost.

  • Condition your glow-in-the-dark clay.
  • Roll clay into a ball about the size of a walnut.
  • Sculpt that ball into a teardrop with a really pointy top.
  • Gently bend & twist the pointy top into a curly “ghost like” swoosh!
  • Add arms and some legs, making sure to blend the seams together.
  • Add a nose and use little black seed beads for a eyes.
  • Using a ball tool, add a ghost like mouth.
  • If you choose, add some “cheeks” using one of your chalks.
  • Note: Keep in mind that wherever you add chalk, there will be a “dark spot” there when your ghost “glows” at night due to the opaque obstruction caused by the chalk.


  • Depending on the type of clay used (premo, sculpey, cernit): bake in the oven at 265 degrees, covered in foil, for approximately 45-60 minutes.
  • NOTICE: Check your clay package instructions for appropriate baking times & temperatures.

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2 thoughts on “Polymer Clay Ghost Tutorial

  1. Your Halloween Ghost is adorable Katie!! 🙂

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