Silver Rabbit Tutorial

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Silver Hare Tutorial by KatersAcres for the Friesen Project of 2013

Polymer Clay Rabbit Tutorial

An adorable silver leafed polymer clay bunny inspired by Christi Friesen for the 2013 Friesen Project hosted by KatersAcres, in conjunction with Christi Friesen.

Who knows what day it is? That’s right … it’s Friesen Friday! Bring out the clay, tools, fun, music, & let’s have a virtual clay party! Today’s project is probably one of the easier ones we’ve done all year.  You can whip up these cuties in under 20 minutes … even my more elaborate bunny took me just 30 minutes to make!  But be sure that you have purchased Christi’s book so that you can see all the steps in full of how to make this cute little guy.

Surprise! You Loved It!

Polymer Clay Squirrel by KatersAcresI thought for sure that last week my tutorial was going to be a bust.  In fact, just the opposite happened, I got 6 emails from you telling me how much you LOVED my “what-atorial” and that as you have progressed in your claying ability these past 7 months now, you actually enjoyed my “Notes” on the project as much or better than a full out tutorial.  Let me know how you would like to see some tutorials done. Maybe you have ideas I haven’t thought of yet! Either send me an email or comment below.

Polymer Clay Rabbit Tutorial


Bunny Tutorial Instructions:

  • Polymer Clay Rabbit Tutorial Steps by KatersAcresFirst things first … choose & condition your clay.
  • Note: I used black clay because I wanted their to be “cracks” and “gaps” in my project that you could easily see to make it have an “antiqued” effect.  Christi’s tutorial calls for silver clay, but you can use any color you want!
  • Whatever the amount of clay you have prepared, cut it just shy of half.  The large piece will be for the body, the smaller piece will make the rest of your polymer clay rabbits “parts.”
  • Roll the larger section into a ball and then into a large teardrop shape.
  • “Smoosh” it down onto the table slightly to create a “base” on the bottom that your rabbit will sit on.
  • Note: From here out, my tutorial is different than the tutorial in Christi’s Book.  Make sure you check her bunny for other cute features and a completely different look to your Silver Hare.
  • Roll a tiny ball and plop on a little “tail” to your polymer clay rabbit.
  • Roll four “legs” in any form you desire (mine are teardrop shaped) & place under the rabbits belly.
  • Note: You will see I made back “hips” as well as legs. The front legs are simply placed underneath the bunny.
  • Do not forget to give your bunny a little nose by rolling a tiny ball and plopping it on the front.
  • Note: I also made my bunny some chubby cheeks.  You can do that too!
  • And last but not least, give your bunny some ears by forming teardrops and shaping them with your fingers.  Be sure to add a piece of wire in your ears to help them stay “up” on your bunny.
  • Note: I originally had my ears “upward” and saw nothing wrong with them.  Then I took a picture of my rabbit, boy did those ears look bad!  So, I redid them and placed them “backward” a little more. Thus, there is value in taking photos of your work. You may see something in the photo you didn’t see with your own eye.
  • Using a soft bristled brush, add silver leaf to your raw clay. You do NOT need to use anything to get the leaf to stick, it will stick on it’s own.
  • Notes: Turn off your fan! I left mine on and there was leaf flying everywhere. Be patient, this part took as long (or longer) than assembling my bunny.
  • You can leave your polymer clay bunny as is, or you can add a little “pizazz” to him.
  • Finish your piece by adding mica powder all over so the “spots” that remain uncovered have a metallic effect.
  • Notes: I added eyes, bow, & a heart “tattoo” on my bunny … you do not need to do this.  I just happen to like cute things!
  • Bake at 265 for 45-60 minutes depending on the size of your piece.
  • Final & Most Important Note: Silver Leaf will flake off over time.  Be sure that you seal your little cutie with a coat of varnish.


You have been sculpting in Christi’s style for almost 7 months now … be sure to make your project different in some way.  Make it your own. Begin to use Christi as inspiration and not duplicate her projects exactly.  GOOD LUCK! I can not WAIT to see all your silver rabbits!

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The Friesen Project

The Friesen Project is done in conjunction with Christi Friesen. All tutorials are retaught here with her expressed permission. Please make sure to read about the project here, and get answers to the most common FAQS here.

See you next Friesen Friday,
Until then, Happy Claying,


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