Rubber Duck Color Palette

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Rubber Duck Color Palette for Artistic Inspiration by KatersAcres

Rubber Duck Color Palette

Rubber Duck Color Palette for Artistic Inspiration by KatersAcres

Why? Because It’s Fun:

Today’s color palette is inspired by my nieces and nephews; a rubber duck color palette extravaganza … or something like that. Like most photos, there’s a story behind this one. After a play-day at my house with 4 awesome kids, when I cleaned up after they left I found some toys left out … and it was so cute. One of the kids left my rubber ducks out in kissing position … I don’t know who it was, but my suspicious lead me to believe it was a girl! But no matter who it was it’s one of those things that make you smile, laugh, and say: “How cute is that?” So today’s color palette is all about these rubber ducks.  Use the rubber duck color palette to create your own masterpiece! Create digital art, scrapbook a new page, draw in your journal, break out the clay and make something! The sky (or water in this case) is the limit.

Rubber Ducky Color Palette by KatersAcres
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What Will You Create?

What kinds of things would you make with today’s color palette? Feel free to post your creations on my Facebook page and show everyone what you have made with the color palette from today’s blog post. Also, feel free to tweet your picture to @katersacres with the #KatersCP to show off your creation!

I hope today’s palette & color selections help you get back into your studio this weekend! Thanks for joining me today and don’t forget to sign up for more tutorials, prompts, and projects direct to your email. Sign up now.

Happy Claying,

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