Evergreen Glint Color Recipe – Fall 2017 Color Palette

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Fall 2017 Color Palette - Evergreen Glint by KatersAcres

Polymer Clay Premo Color Recipe

Evergreen glint color recipe for Premo polymer clay. My favorite color is blue, but right behind that is green and not just any shade of green … but every shade of green! This polymer clay color recipe has the dark tones of a fall green leaf with the depth of a wintery evergreen. Try this with a variety of color palettes.

Evergreen Glint Color Recipe – Premo Polymer Clay

  • Evergreen Glint Fall Polymer Clay Color Recipe by KatersAcres6 Parts Spanish Olive
  • 1 Part Antique Gold
  • 1 Part Alizarin Crimson


  • Use this with any of the Fall 2017 Color Palette Colors.
  • Add 1 more part antique gold up the sparkle of this color and lighten the green tones.
  • Add 1/2 part Ultramarine to add a cool tone to the warm tones.
  • Pair with brown acrylics or inks to help it stand out in the crowd (get my recommendations here).

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I hope this color will help inspire your fall creations. If this color wasn’t quite what you were looking for, feel free to visit our other Color Recipes and find a different color that might better suit your tastes.

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2 thoughts on “Evergreen Glint Color Recipe – Fall 2017 Color Palette

  1. I followed the recipe for the evergreen glint and it did not turn out green like your picture… It came out as a brown color…

    1. This recipe was written in 2017, this was 6 years ago. If their has been a pigment change in Premo (which in many colors there has been) it will likely shift the colors. If you got brown, cut back the Alizarin by at least half. That will help as it has more pigments now and is substantially darker than when it was first released by Polyform.

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