Polymer Clay Valentine’s Day Owl Tutorial

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Polymer Clay Valentine's Day Owl Tutorial by KatersAcres

This polymer clay Valentine’s Day owl tutorial is perfect for a last-minute project idea!

Happy Valentine's Day - OWL Always Love You

The phrase “Owl Always Love You” has gone around for years in different forms and usually has a heart-covered owl as its character. This is a mini-tutorial that is a spin-off of the general theme.

After many years, this free tutorial is now a paid worksheet. Please help me keep this site running by purchasing this worksheet for a nominal fee.

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2 thoughts on “Polymer Clay Valentine’s Day Owl Tutorial

  1. Well we are snowed in again,time start working on some pretty clays you have,they so cute,can’t do much ole arthur in my hands’ kinnda hard do any thing I’m going Snow Crazy ,,ha,ha, have great day & keep up your good job you do,later think may go back bed,,ha,ha,ha,

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