Polymer Clay Valentine’s Day Owl Tutorial

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Polymer Clay Valentine's Day Owl Tutorial by KatersAcres

This polymer clay Valentine’s Day owl tutorial is perfect for a last minute project idea!

Happy Valentine's Day - OWL Always Love YouThe phrase “Owl Always Love You” has gone around for years in different forms and usually has a heart covered owl as its character. This is a mini-tutorial that is a spin-off of the general theme. I hope you enjoy today’s FREE polymer clay Valentine’s Day owl tutorial.

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Materials Needed:

Polymer Clay Valentine’s Day Owl Instructions:

  • Polymer Clay Valentine's Day Owl Tutorial by KatersAcres-impLet’s choose the colors for your Valentine’s Day Owl.
    • Note: You can make your own in any colors you choose.
  • Make approximately 1/4 ounce of each of the colors in the Kissable Colors palette or choose your own colors.
  • Using a walnut sized ball of clay, fully condition and roll a teardrop for your owl’s body out of any color clay of your choice.
  • Press DOWN on the pointed top of the teardrop to invert the head and make for the iconic owl “V” in their heads.
  • Use a large dotting tool and mark two “dots” in your owl’s head for the eyes.
  • Cut two 1/4″ small rounds from the Kissable Pink color rolled to the 3rd largest setting on your pasta machine.
  • Roll each round into a ball and place into the holes you made for the eyes.
  • Roll the Kissable Red clay color in your pasta machine on the 3rd largest setting.
  • Cut a heart shape. You can use this as a base or use it as a heart balloon (as shown at end).
  • Next roll the Kissable Burgundy clay through the 4th largest setting of your pasta machine.
  • Cut a teardrop of clay to fit as the owl’s “belly.”
  • Place in between the eyes and onto the “belly” of the owl. Press the seams and join to the belly.
  • Use two pea sized rounds of Kissable Orange for feet.
  • Roll each round into a teardrop and place on TOP of the heart shape you cut earlier.
  • Place the body of the owl on top.
  • Use a small portion of each of the colors your prepared and make into mini petal shaped canes.
    • TIP: You do NOT need to embellish these mini-canes, this is just to help you shape the overall wings.
  • Cut individual slices from your mini canes (about 4 slices of each color) and stack together in a triangle shape as shown above.
  • You will need to do this three times (once per wing and once for the tail).
  • Place the finished wings & tail onto your owl.
  • Bake at 275 degrees (if using Premo!) in your dedicated polymer clay oven for 45-60 minutes.
  • Allow to completely cool in oven.
  • Remove and place your new dog gargoyle in a place where he can forever sit and watch over your home.


Happy Valentine's Day - OWL Always Love You


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  1. Well we are snowed in again,time start working on some pretty clays you have,they so cute,can’t do much ole arthur in my hands’ kinnda hard do any thing I’m going Snow Crazy ,,ha,ha, have great day & keep up your good job you do,later think may go back bed,,ha,ha,ha,

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