Art Journal Page from Veneers

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Polymer Clay Art Journal Page from Scraps Tutorial by KatersAcres

Find yourself making oodles of clay veneers from my Faux Collage Techniques tutorial or other veneer tutorials? If so then you’ve likely realized something … stamps, paints, and so much more end up in the trash … why, because you had to clean your tools before you reused them or put them away. Enter my friend, “Can’t Bear It.” “Can’t Bear It” is the name of my art journal that I “clean” my products on. From my scrapers, brushes, stamps and more …

Art Journal Scraps Idea

This is a very easy tutorial that is meant to be used in conjunction with your leftover paints, scrapers, brushes, stamps, and other liquid materials used to make your Faux Collage Veneers. The idea behind this is NOT that you’re perfect, elegant, or design specific. This journal is more like “junk journalling” or the “smash book” idea of art journaling. All you’re really doing is laying different mediums (as you use them) on top of each other to create a cool reusable journal. If you’re like me, you likely have at least one half-filled journal in your studio begging to be used again. Now’s that time…

How To Create Your Journal Page

Polymer Clay Art Journal Page from Scraps Tutorial by KatersAcres | CLICK to see instructions to make your own

Here’s the idea … with every product you use, rather than cleaning your brushes, scrapers, stamps, alcohol inks, etc with baby wipes or immediately taking them to the sink … place those unused, leftover bits of liquid materials and place them on the page in your journal.

  • When you need to clean off scrapers, scrape the leftover paint onto your page to get off the majority of the medium, then clean your scraper.
  • When you need to clean off daubers, stamp them onto your page to get off the majority of the medium, then clean your dauber.
  • When you have used a stamp and need to clean it off from its use, stamp it several times onto the page until no more images appear, then clean your stamp.
  • Be sure to work from multiple directions, and angles, and fill as much of the page as possible to achieve the greatest effect for your art journal.
  • Allow colors, stamps, and more to overlap to create a haphazard layered look.
  • ENJOY the process. This is no stress and an easy way to get MORE from supplies that would go down the drain or in the trash.

The End Result

By the end of one of your sessions with polymer clay and mixed media elements, you will have a delightfully colored journal page. This is a great way to fill up your new journal. Don’t forget that you can date the page and sign it to create a new “keepsake” of that special item you made in your studio!

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