Faux Pen & Ink on Polymer Clay Tutorial

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Faux Pen & Ink on Polymer Clay Tutorial by KatersAcres

So, last week I was in the throws of a really neat design idea. I’m a member of Christi’s Neighborhood and our project theme last month was called “Once Upon a Time.” Thoroughly inspired by the theme, I played around with the idea for several weeks before it formulated in my mind … Rumpelstinltskin.

While not one my favorite fairytales, and not really a “classic,” the Grimm Brothers tale certainly does inspire my imagination. Wheat spun to gold, an impish like fellow, three wishes (in the newer versions), and always willing to bargain … yep. I’ll take it. But there was a problem. I didn’t want to do a standard “image transfer” as I wanted my signage to look like a pen and ink drawing. Even though I knew that an image transfer would work, it just wasn’t what I was going for…so I decided to try something new.

***Please note: While this project turned out perfectly and this sealing system worked, because it was a recent project, its durability over time has not been tested.***


NOTE: I do NOT recommend using Mod Podge as a “sealant” for your clay designs. If you want a good list of sealers, head over to The Blue Bottle Tree and read her article on sealers.

Faux Pen & Ink on Polymer Clay Tutorial

  • Adding Faux Pen & Ink to Polymer Clay Tutorial by KatersAcresFirst print your image onto plain white copy paper. I used Hammermill White, 20Lb weight. You may want to print your image in multiple sizes if you don’t know what size you will need.
  • To help adhere the ink to the paper, I used my heat gun for about 1 minute on both the front and the back to help prevent smearing.
  • First, using a synthetic paint brush, quickly place one thin coat of Mod Podge Hard Coat over the printed images.
  • Wait a few minutes for it to dry.
  • NOTE: If you do not wait for the first thin coat to dry, you will begin to smear the ink from your designs.
  • Repeat by adding a second, thicker layer over the images.
  • Use your heat gun to completely dry & set the mod podge. Be sure to do this on both the front AND the back as paper is porous.
  • Repeat the exact same procedure as above on the back of the images (the non printed side).
  • Take a small dab of Fimo Deco Gel and place it onto a piece of wax paper or printer label backs (see my article on these here).
  • Using a different small synthetic brush, apply one thin coat of Fimo Deco Gel on top of the sealed images.
  • Use your heat gun to completely cure the layer of liquid clay (deco gel). If you did a thin layer, this should take only a few minutes.
  • Add another thin layer of Fimo Deco Gel on top of the first cured layer.
  • Again, heat with heat gun to seal.
  • Cut out your images using sharp scissors.
  • The images are now ready to use directly on your clay.

To Place Onto Raw Polymer Clay:

  • "Once Upon A Time" Project, Rumpelstiltskin by Katie Oskin of KatersAcres | FREE Faux Pen & Ink Image Tutorial - CLICK HEREAfter your sheet is fully conditioned, use your finger and place a some TLS onto the wrong side of your image.
  • Place the image onto your smooth clay surface, design side up.
  • Use a brayer or acrylic rod to smooth down onto the clay.
  • Place polymer clay around the edges of the image to hold into place.
  • Before baking, add a thick coat of Fimo Deco Gel and bake your piece according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • “Rumpelstiltskin” was made for Christi’s Neighborhood, month of August project theme, “Once Upon a Time.”


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  1. Hi Kate. Looks really interesting, well worth a try. Thanks.

    1. You’re more than welcome Lorraine! Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed it!

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