Sweater Heart Pin Tutorial by KatersAcres

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Scrappy Sweater Heart Tutorial by KatersAcres

Perfect for Valentine’s Day


Heart Pin Tutorial

  • Scrappy Sweater Heart Tutorial by KatersAcresGather about 1 oz. of  your scrap clay. Set it aside.
  • Choose a background clay for your heart.
  • Roll your background color through a medium setting on your pasta machine.
  • Run your clay through your extruder using a 3 circle, round disk.
  • Extrude strands no shorter than 6″ each.
  • When you have your strands, twist them together to create a spiral.
  • Lay your twists down on your background sheet.
  • Place a sheet of saran wrap over your new sheet. This will make nice rounded edges on your hearts.
  • Use a heart shaped cutter to cut our your pins.

Finish Your Hearts

  • Scrappy Sweater Heart Tutorial Steps 2 by KatersAcresOnce your hearts are cut out, use the scraps from the background to make a nice long snake.
  • Wrap your snake around the rim of your heart.
  • Note: You can use a solid non-scrap color if you’d like.
  • Use a metal knitting needle to add texture to the sides of your heart.
  • IDEAS:
    • Add a cute little heart embellishment to the corner of your heart.
    • Add a Swarovski crystal for sparkle.
    • Add a patch or a cane slice for added fun.
  • Add a pin back to the back or if you’d rather, add a little hook to the top to use it as a pendant.
  • If you add a pin back, add a cute little ornamentation over the pin back to keep it in place.
  • Don’t forget to add your signature stamp or cane slice that tells your name.

Scrappy Heart Pins by KatersAcres
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