Sunset Skinner Blend Recipe

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Polymer Clay Skinner Blend Color Recipe for Sunset by KatersAcres

Polymer Clay Color Recipe


Spring is here and in NW PA that means that we often have some of the most vibrant sunsets of the year. Here’s a sunset skinner blend recipe that mimics the color palette of the setting sun; I’ve aptly named it “Sunset” … imagine that.

Polymer Clay Color Recipe for Sunset Skinner Blend

Color recipe uses Premo! polymer clay by Polyform.

  • Sunset Skinner Blend Recipe by KatersAcres1 Part White
  • 2 Parts Cadmium Yellow
  • 1 Part Orange
  • 1 Part Red
  • 2 Parts Fuchsia
  • 1 Part Purple

Make the sections of your skinner blend as show in the photo at right. There are “unnecessary” colors in this palette, however, because I wanted strong oranges and burgundy, this is the palette I have chosen.

*The effect shown is after approximately 35 passes through my pasta machine.

Ideas for Variations

  • Add more white to the entire blend to soften the sunset effect.
  • Darken the sunset by adding a strip of black to the blend.
  • Make the sunset translucent by adding translucent clay to the entire blend.

Learn How to Make Your Own Skinner Blend Here

What Will You Create?

What kinds of things would you make with today’s color? Feel free to post your creations on my Facebook page and show everyone what you have made with the color palette from today’s blog post. Also, feel free to tweet your picture to @katersacres with #KatersCP to show off your creation!

I hope today’s color selections help you get back into your studio this weekend! Thanks for joining me today and don’t forget to sign up for more tutorials, prompts, and projects direct to your email. Sign up now.

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4 thoughts on “Sunset Skinner Blend Recipe

  1. I struggle to make blends in general and need some direction on this one. Do you fold the clay before rolling it through, or do you just roll it through as is? If you do fold it, can you explain simply (I have a head injury and need simple directions) how to fold it properly?

    1. Hi Eileen, fold the blend in half with the edges lining up on the same color … in this case, white on white and purple on purple. Continue folding this way as you roll it. Always white edge to white edge and purple edge to purple edge. You’ll be good to go!

  2. About adding translucent polymer clay: would you cover the whole piece with a thin layer of translucent clay to do that.
    This blend is so pretty!

    1. Apply a strip of translucent clay covering approximate 1/4 to 1/6 of your blend, fold in half and continue to roll through the pasta machine (the same as you did when making your skinner blend) until all the colors are blended and the new translucent blend is completely combined. ENJOY!

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