Skinner Blend Bullseye Cane Instructions for Polymer Clay (Beginners)

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Polymer Clay Skinner Blend Bullseye Cane Tutorial by KatersAcres

Polymer Clay Tutorial


How to Make a Skinner Blend Bullseye Cane

One of the most basic skills in working with polymer clay is learning how to make a Skinner Blend. Once you know how to make a Skinner Blend, there are infinite possibilities of what you can do and accomplish with that blend. Today’s mini-tutorial will show you how to make a Skinner Blend and change it into a Skinner Blend Bullseye Cane or even a log/plug. This tutorial will walk you through some of the basic steps and show you exactly how that is done.

Making a Skinner Blend Bullseye Cane is not only a basic millefiori skill that every caner should master, but it is also a good skill to have in you bag of techniques. This basic skill looks much harder than it actually is. You will need a pasta machine in order to achieve the most uniform and fastest results. Other than that, this basic skill requires no fancy tools or equipment of any kind.


Instructions for a Skinner Blend Bullseye Cane

  • Polymer Clay Tutorial: Skinner Blend Log / Plug by KatersAcresUse 2 or more colors of your choice and make a Skinner Blend
  • Here I am using the teardrop method of making Skinner Blends because my end canes are going to be tiny micro-canes. The total amount of clay in the picture at the top left is less than one ounce.
  • NOTE: If you are new to doing this, I suggest trying it with a larger amount of clay to save frustration.
  • Run your triangles (or teardrops) through the pasta machine on a medium setting.
  • The middle picture here shown has been run through the pasta machine approximately 7 times.
  • Keep running your blend through the pasta machine until your blend is even and the colors merge & combine seamlessly. (About 25-30 times).
  • Now use the fan-fold technique to make a Skinner Blend Stack.
  • Choose ONE end of this stack and run through your pasta machine at a thick setting.
  • Continue to repeat this step placing clay in the same direction as the first time, but with each pass make the thickness of your blend smaller.
  • Once your clay is in a nice super-long strip, roll it up beginning with the color you want on the inside.
  • Wah-La! There you have it. A Skinner blend bullseye cane!

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