DIY Simple Buttons Polymer Clay Tutorial

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Make Your Own Polymer Clay Buttons

Owl Button Worksheet by KatersAcres

It’s a do-it-yourself world out there and crafters around the globe are finding better, simpler ways to make things themselves.  From recipes, baked goods, clothing, jewelry, and so much more.  Tuesdays are usually devoted to a polymer clay tip, something that will help you clay better.  I was asked to do a tutorial on how to make buttons.  This is a beginner’s tutorial for simple buttons.  You can use the knowledge you already have in your polymer clay technique repertoire to build on these simple buttons.


Polymer Clay Tutorial for Simple Buttons on KatersAcres Blog
  1. Choose your polymer clay.
  2. Condition your polymer clay.
  3. Roll sheet to a uniform thickness using either a pasta machine or an acrylic roller.
  4. ***TIP: Cover with Saran Wrap
  5. Use Kemper Cutters (or cookie cutters) to cut shapes for buttons.
  6. Remove cutters & the shape will be left behind.
  7. Remove Saran Wrap and edges will be perfectly round and will not look “cookie cutter-ish”
  8. Use a tapestry needle to poke holes in the clay.
  9. Remove from the surface and smooth all edges.
  10. Bake according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

The owl buttons shown above are my own and were made using this simple button method with added component pieces to create a basic owl shape.  Feel free to visit my Polymer Clay Buttons board on Pinterest to see more buttons to spark your creativity.

12 thoughts on “DIY Simple Buttons Polymer Clay Tutorial

  1. Which brand of clay did you use? I love the shade in the bottom 2pics, like a light tan/gold colour. Many thanks.

    1. These were made with PREMO polymer clay

  2. Thank you so much for your help! I gather I just varnish over after I paint? X

  3. Thanks for your reply, I’m not sure what the process is or what way is best? Can I use sharpies or is it best to stamp and fill with paint then bake. Sorry for all the questions x

    1. Sharpies do not last over time. I would stamp, bake, & the paint. I hope this helps! ~Katie

  4. how do I write on polymer clay buttons?

    1. Do you want to write on them before or after you bake them Hannah?

  5. I am so looking forward to trying this! Quick question though- if I use my pasta machine for polyclay can I still use it for pasta? Or do I need to just get a separate machine? Thanks!!

    1. Never use the same tools for polymer clay that you use in your kitchen. If you have a pasta machine, you can use it for polymer clay, but you can’t use it after that for pasta anymore.

  6. Wow! Love the Saran Wrap hint. Thanks a million.

  7. Your tip on using Saran Wrap is BRILLIANT! Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. You are most welcome! The tip has been passed down for years from one polymer clay artist to another, I do not know where the idea originated, but it was NOT mine.

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