Christi Friesen’s Beyond Projects Sculpture Series – Book 2, Welcome to the Jungle

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Friesen Fridays - Book 2 JUNGLE Overview & Monthly Plan on KatersAcres Blog

Friesen Fridays - Book 2 JUNGLE Overview & Monthly Plan on KatersAcres Blog

CF Sculpture Series Book 2:

Welcome to the Jungle

YAY! It’s Friesen Friday!

Jungle Book CoverDo you know what this means?  This means we’re about to talk about Christi Friesen once again.  Oh how I love to talk of Christi Friesen, Christi Friesen books, and her awesome style!  Ok, well we’re not really going to talk about her….but we are definitely going to talk about her next book in the Beyond Sculpture series: “Welcome to the Jungle.”

Do you ever feel like you live in the Jungle?  Sometimes I feel like this … especially yesterday when I found and had to squish 3 stink bugs (gross).  Life can often be a jungle … but have you ever noticed that things that are healthy and strong come from a jungle?  The ideas, exploration, and tutorials behind the Friesen Project are to get you out of your current element, learn a new technique, and to take a transformative journey into the polymer clay world. For many artists, they have yet to embrace the idea of combined elements and mixed media that can be used to enhance our designs.

PLEASE REMEMBER: If you have not yet signed up to receive the polymer clay & Friesen Project emails, please do so now.  This will ensure that no matter what you are doing, you never miss anything!  Now … let’s get JUNGLE-FIED!

First Friday Reminder:

The format for the First Friday of every month will be a book review & on some months a giveaway too! I will do a brief synopsis and overview of the book we are going to be tackling for the month.  I’ll give you my thoughts, things I noticed, and what excites me about begin a series of projects.  I will also give you the list of projects that we will cover during the month, the homework you will need to do for the following week, the supplies that you will need to gather, and offer something special.

BOOK 2: Welcome to the Jungle

What You Will Notice:

Jungle Book CoverOnce again, Christi’s unique writing style will have you joyously creating from polymer clay.  As the books opens you’ll notice something extraordinary…her first “leaf” example is her favorite … no, it’s her second leaf … nope, third.  Well … you’ll soon see that she loves her leaves.  We’re going to spend an entire week on nothing but leaves.  Why?  Because leaves will be an important part of our sculptures in many of her books and something you can do easily if you put the time in now to do it.

Unlike the last book, Dragons, this book features many different creatures!  We will not be having tutorials/mini-tutorials on everything in this book.  (Let’s be honest, that’s why you have the book)… However, we will be having tutorials on many of the projects contained in the book.

Don’t have the book yet?  Buy it here.

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Projects We Will Cover This Month:

February 8th – Leaf, Leaves, Flowers & Mirrors with Leaves (And did I mention leaves?)

Leafy Mirror Project for Week 1 of the FriesenProject Book 2 - Jungle by KatersAcres https://katersacres.comWe’re starting from the very beginning…something so simple that can be made in 1,000 complex, extraordinary ways.  You are going to make some leaves until you hate the sight of them!  And then you are going to continue making them … why, because they need to become quick, easy, and second nature.  Then when you are sick to death of leaves, you are going to move on to flowers!  You are going to then take all your beautiful leaves (and flowers too) and attach them to a mirror…that way all that hard work hasn’t been in vain!

February 15th – Make A Heart, Bug, and Pendant too!

Make a Bug Project for Week 2 of the FriesenProject Book 2 - Jungle by KatersAcres https://katersacres.comFrom the cute and quaint to the downright scary creatures of the jungle … these mini-tutorials for the week will help you design a bug of jungle proportions and a chance to practice your leaf technique with a heart pendant!  But don’t worry because all of that will pale in comparison to the awesome leafy pendant that you will make!

February 22nd – Make A New Jungle Creature – Frog Tutorial

How to Make a Polymer Clay Frog Tutorial by @KatersAcres on https://katersacres.comSince each of you will be following along for the journey in your own books, I want to let you know that I will be writing a tutorial supplement for the frog only.  If you should choose to make the sloth or the tamarind, you will need to follow Christi’s book tutorial and instructions.  Photographs of my favorite part of this book, Señor Froggy will be posted on my birthday, Feb. 22nd!  I chose the frog for this week because it will be a nice addition to next month’s book, Under the Sea.


Needing something else to work on in the meantime?  Download Christi’s free Batty Pendant project. Bats live in the jungle right?! SURE!

Homework for Next Week:


I repeat last month: Do NOT try to make ANYTHING until you have read the ENTIRE BOOK!  Read it inside out, upside down, top to bottom, right to left (because left to right is how normal people do it), under water, amidst your dragon splendor from last month, or even in your own jungle … I don’t care how you do it, but read it all please.  I request that you allow it to sink in and to play with it.  Feel the energy of the plants and flowers of the Jungle.  Allow yourself to enjoy this time.  Make lots of “look-at” blends for your leaves and just play.  This book will be a very easy book to work ahead in.  I kindly request that you work with the projects and everyone else.  You might be excited, this book might be your favorite, but there is much to learn…so be patient and enjoy your time being creative with this book.  Then and on then after it has sunk in, gather all your supplies for next week.  You might have to run to the store, so take a list with you … or you can shop online!

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Supplies You’ll Need This Month:

Everything you will need is available online if you can not purchase your supplies locally.  I have linked everything to Amazon as it ships worldwide and I am an affiliate.

The Friesen Project

The Friesen Project is done in conjunction with Christi Friesen.  All tutorials are retaught here with her expressed permission.  Please make sure to read about the project here, and get answers to the most common FAQS here.  If you would like to join the project, feel free to sign up here.

JOIN - The Friesen Project


See you next Friesen Friday,
Until then, Happy Claying,

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I already own all but two of Christi’s books so I am ready to go! Can’t wait to explore the jungle!

  2. Can’t wait to try the stone clay bonus project. Thanks for all the wonderful tips, great photos, and inspiration.

  3. I love all the great tips and techniques every week. Keep up the great work! Thank you!

  4. I would love to make millions of leaves from this book, but since the hub’s stroke, we have no income
    Would love to win it! Thanks for all the inspiration on your site. Dee.

    1. if i win you can i have it. Sounds like you could have alot of fun with the book.

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