Mermaid Teal Polymer Clay Color Recipe

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Polymer Clay Color Recipe for Mermaid Teal by KatersAcres

Premo! Polymer Clay Color Recipe

Mermaid teal brings together the blues and turquoise of a summer’s day, the shimmer of the water, and reminds us that even fantasies might be reality…

Mermaid Teal

Crackled Jointed Mermaid by KatersAcres

Today is the first day of June and although summer is not “officially” here, it certainly seems as though it is. It’s the time of year that I start thinking about vacation, beaches, and sitting on my deck almost every single day. Ah … summer. I even tend to make a bunch of these cute little jointed mermaids this time of year. So naturally, I needed to make a convincing Mermaid Teal color that would go with everything.

Mermaid Teal Premo! Polymer Clay Color Recipe

Mermaid Teal
  • 8 Parts Cobalt Blue Hue
  • 4 Part Green
  • 1 Part Purple
  • 1 Part Gold


  • Add 1/2 part additional Green for more sea green color
  • Add 1/4 part additional Purple for more teal color.
  • Add 1/2 part more blue for a deep ocean depth color.
  • Add 1/4 more gold for more metallic sheen.
  • Combine this color recipe with one of our awesome mica powders like Ocean, Bubble Blue, or Blizzard.

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