Fall 2017 Color Palette for Polymer Clay

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Fall 2017 Color Palette for Polymer Clay by KatersAcres | CLICK for all 9 Colors

Make this fall 2017 color palette your go-to for your clay creations. This Premo by Sculpey color palette is a perfect beginning to create all those fall colors you’re craving.

Fall 2017 Color Palette

Fall 2017 Color Palette for Polymer Clay by KatersAcres | CLICK for all 9 Colors

Fall is my favorite time of year. In part it has to do with the crisp air, the crunch of the leaves on the group, apple cider, pumpkin everything, and that subtle reminder of the trueness of a lifecycle. Fall has always been my favorite season. Living in the Great Lakes region of the United States, I am so blessed to experience a true four-season climate with crisp falls, bitterly cold winters, wet and vibrant springs, and overly hot summers. I look forward to fall, as much as many people look forward to Christmas. It’s my favorite season to sculpt for, in part due to the colors: muted, berries, dark, and yet a palette all of their own.

Premo Fall 2017 Color Palette Straight from the Pack
Premo by Sculpey colors straight from the pack

This year I’ve created this fall 2017 color palette just to share with all of you. Of course you can always put together your own fall 2017 color palette straight from the pack if you’d like (shown at right). Those Premo by Sculpey colors would include Burnt Umber, Alizarin Crimson, Orange, Cadmium Yellow, Antique Gold, Spanish Olive, Ultramarine Blue, & White. There’s nothing wrong with these colors and they’d work perfectly for you. But when it comes to artistry, there’s something to be said about making your own colors, combining different colors of clay to make you own gorgeous colors that are unique in their own ways.

I talk all about how to make your own custom colors here in this article if you’d like to learn how.

Fall Face Door Hanger by Katie Oskin MAIN

The Gnome Door Decoration at right was made using my Old Man Winter Door Knocker tutorial and the colors from the Fall 2017 Color Palette you see above. When the colors are used together they breathe a sigh of fall warmth to all your projects. Over the next several weeks, I’ll be releasing all the Fall 2017 color recipes for you to use in your polymer clay creations this season. I hope that you enjoy them and put them to good use. Stay tuned!

See the Color Fall 2017 Color Recipes here

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  1. Well, I just took a class from Christi, Anke, and Sage — that alone should inspire me to get going again. As the poet Robert Frost wrote, I have promises to keep before 10/4, but should be good to go after that. Not the best clayer, but would be glad to give this a try. CF is just a hellish condition, and I’ve had a hospital stint Christmas through New Years about 7 years ago now (needed an aortic valve; stopped breathing before I was believed), so have great sympathy for those who are stricken at odd times. Be well, and know there will be many responses to your request!
    Jan Gonder, Los Angeles — but I was relatively near Cleveland this summer visiting family — saw the Cleveland Clinic part of this.

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