Polymer Clay Tutorial: Flower Head Pins from Scrap Canes

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Polymer Clay Tutorial - Flower Head Pins Using Scrap Cane Ends & Leftovers by KatersAcres | FREE Tutorial - PIN NOW, Make later
Polymer Clay Flower Head Pins by KatersAcres | CLICK for tutorial

 Why throw out all those tiny little cane ends? You can still use them, even if there’s not enough for a large project. I’ve been making these little flower head pins ever since I began making my own canes. For those of you who don’t already know, I have a thing for flowers. I LOVE them. But … I live in the woods. Flowers don’t grow well here. So instead, I made a TON of flowers in the spring & summer months from clay.

This project is a fun & quick way to use up those wonky ends & slices you may have cut from your canes. Placing these flowers on longer pieces of wire will allow them to be used as plant pokeys, tied into the center of a bow for a gift, jewelry head pins, and so much more.

What Kind of Cane Should You Use?

In the example photos, I have used my petal canes. You do NOT need to use petal canes for this project. You can use kaleidoscope canes that you have cut into sections (this would be lovely). You can use bullseye canes, jellyroll canes, or any cane that you have on hand. Because these are relatively free-form, you can use a wide variety of canes. Don’t limit yourself & try to make all sorts of flowers.

Remember that you can try:

  • Fully bloomed flowers (like the 2 pink flowers shown)
  • Just opening flowers (like the purple stripe)
  • Flower buds (very unique if you use a kaleidoscope cane)

Polymer Clay Tutorial – Flower Head Pins

Thanks for joining me today, Happy Claying,

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