Polymer Clay Flower Bird Feeder Tutorial

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Flower Bird Feeder Polymer Clay Tutorial by KatersAcres

Ever thought of making a bird feeder? There are a wide variety of things you can do with polymer clay to spruce up your yard this Spring season.  I love living in the woods and feeding my birds in just one of my many joys. This tabletop bird feeder is made entirely from polymer clay. This spring you can make your own to sit in a garden, next to your plants, on even on a tabletop, on anywhere you can think of.

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October Pavelka Project: Making Canes

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Fall Polymer Clay Tutorial, Festive Masor Jar Centerpiece using Millefiori Canes | October Pavelka Project

Polymer Clay Tutorial

Making Polymer Clay Millefiori Canes & Using Them

Welcome back for another great month of the Pavelka Project! This month we a doing another more ‘open-ended’ project for you. Here’s what you need to do. Look through The Complete Book of Polymer Clay, chapter on Millefiori Canes, and make at least one cane. But don’t stop there! Use your cane to create ONE project. It can be anything your heart desires. I made a mixed media centerpiece mason mug in a fall theme for my dining room table. You can do whatever you’d like: jewelry, mixed media, household items, frames, the options are literally endless. Lisa offers literally dozens of ideas throughout all her books. I also have over 150 tutorials here on the site you could use to make a project.

Editor’s Note: The Pavelka Project ended Dec. 31, 2015. These tutorials are free for your use. All giveaways are over.

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Polymer Clay Tutorial: Flower Head Pins from Scrap Canes

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Polymer Clay Tutorial - Flower Head Pins Using Scrap Cane Ends & Leftovers by KatersAcres | FREE Tutorial - PIN NOW, Make later
Polymer Clay Flower Head Pins by KatersAcres | CLICK for tutorial

 Why throw out all those tiny little cane ends? You can still use them, even if there’s not enough for a large project. I’ve been making these little flower head pins ever since I began making my own canes. For those of you who don’t already know, I have a thing for flowers. I LOVE them. But … I live in the woods. Flowers don’t grow well here. So instead, I made a TON of flowers in the spring & summer months from clay.

This project is a fun & quick way to use up those wonky ends & slices you may have cut from your canes. Placing these flowers on longer pieces of wire will allow them to be used as plant pokeys, tied into the center of a bow for a gift, jewelry head pins, and so much more.

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Polymer Clay Flower Tutorials from Around the Web

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Polymer Clay Flower Tutorials & Inspiration | Links to flower tutorials from around the web on KatersAcres polymer clay blog

Spring Is On Its Way!

Last week many of us in the United States did that one thing that reminds you that spring is getting closer … we sprung our clocks ahead. To me and to my family this means one thing: Spring is on its way!  In honor of the Spring season, I have collected some gorgeous flower tutorials to help inspire you this season. I have made several of these flowers, but I plan to make many more. (L to R – Top to Bottom)

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Friesen Friday: Polymer Clay Festive Flower Tutorial

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Festive Flowers Tutorial by KatersAcres

Polymer Clay Flower Tutorial

It’s Friesen Friday! Welcome to the first (and easiest) tutorial in the Mixed Media & Polymer Clay Together at Last book by Christi Friesen. This tutorial is fun & super easy. use your imagination and bring your flowers to life. Let’s get started!

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