Polymer Clay Lily Cane Tutorial (Mini)

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Polymer Clay Lily Petal Cane Mini-Tutorial by KatersAcres

Polymer Clay Lily Petal Cane Mini-Tutorial

Make a gorgeous lily petal cane to make into gorgeous pendants for summer



This tutorial uses the same basics as this tutorial. You can click HERE to see more step-out photos.

  • Polymer Clay Lily Petal Cane Mini-Tutorial by KatersAcresUse 2 or more colors of your choice and make a Skinner Blend (Premo! by Sculpey in White, Orange, & Fuchsia are shown)
  • My canes are usually small canes, good for 3-4 uses only. The total amount of clay in the picture at the top left is less than one ounce and will make approximately 24 petals at 1/2″ tall each.
  • Run your triangles (or teardrops) through the pasta machine on a medium setting.
  • Keep running your blend through the pasta machine until your blend is even and the colors merge & combine seamlessly. (About 25-30 times).
  • Now use the fan-fold technique to make a Skinner Blend Stack.
  • Choose ONE end of this stack and run through your pasta machine at a thick setting.
  • Continue to repeat this step placing clay in the same direction as the first time, but with each pass make the thickness of your blend smaller.
  • Once your clay is in a nice super-long strip going nicely from one color to the next.
  • Use the fan-fold technique to fold the clay in one inch sections.
  • On each layer, add 2-4 black strips of clay as the “dots” on the lily petals.
  • When you are finished you should have a stack that has “dots” from the bottom to just over half-way (bottom left picture above).
  • Form into an oval shape and reduce until size is where you want it to be. Each of my canes are about 1/2″ to 1/4″ tall.
  • Use as desired to make flowers, beads, pendants, & so much more.

Project Examples:

Polymer Clay Lily Petal Cane Mini-Tutorial by KatersAcres | Other Project ExamplesAre you wondering what you can do with this cane?

  • You can make pendants, beads, & so much summer-themed jewelry.
  • You can also incorporate these canes into your sculptures.
  • Use your cane ends to make Natasha beads.
  • Use them as component pieces in kaleidoscope canes.
  • Use them as portions of butterfly wing canes.
  • Use your imagination, but have fun!

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Happy Claying,

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