Polymer Clay Review: Premo! Wisteria

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2015 Polyform Color Review - Premo Sculpey Polymer Clay in Wisteria

Premo! Sculpey Polymer Clay Review

Polyform’s 2015 Color Releases – Premo! Wisteria

2015 Polyform Color Review - Premo Sculpey® Periwinkle & Wisteria


Wisteria Polymer Clay Review:

  • 2015 Polyform Color Review - Premo Sculpey Polymer Clay in WisteriaBrand / Line: Premo! Sculpey®
  • Name: Premo! Wisteria
  • Color Shift Rating: 2
  • Softness Rating: 6
  • Notes:
    • Slight red undertones.
    • Very much a strong lilac color.
    • Finished look (post baking) is absolutely gorgeous.
    • Whereas some Premo! colors maintain their sheen post baking, this color is completely matte and has no sheen post baking.
  • Palette Considerations:
    • Use with Wasabi and Sunset Pearl.


Read more about my Color Shift & Softness Ratings here.

The polymer clay for this review was generously provided to me by Polyform.

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