Glowing Leaf Cane – The Prettiest Leaf Cane You’ll Ever Make

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Polymer Clay Tutorial: Glowing Leaf Cane by KatersAcres

There’s nothing prettier (in my opinion) than that perfect leaf cane that seems to pop & glow in all of your creations. I’ve made literally hundreds of leaf canes & I finally found a blend that makes my leaves pop & almost “glow.” You’ll have to make these for yourself and see what you think…

NOTE: I make mini-canes, enough for no more than 3-4 projects. For a bigger cane, please increase the amounts of clay shown below.

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My New Polymer Clay Journal

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Polymer Clay Journal by KatersAcres


No, it’s not WIP Wednesday … Yes, this could have waited … but I’m just so excited to share it with you all!

Not What I Expected, But …

Have you ever made something that turned out really well despite the fact that as you were making it you kept thinking, “something is clearly wrong here?” Well … rarely does that happen to me. Let me clarify, if while I’m making something I keep thinking, “this doesn’t look right” then by the time it’s done it still doesn’t look right and it ends up waiting for more inspiration …

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52 Weeks of Canes: Leaf Cane

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52 Weeks of Canes - Extruded Leaf Cane FREE Tutorial from Kater's Acres

Extruded Polymer Clay Leaf Cane

Week 12: Leaf Canes Continued

This month we have been exploring leaf canes & all the different kinds of leaves that you can make with clay. With all the colors of clay on the market, the infinite possibilities with color mixing, you could make hundreds of different combinations of colored leaves and never repeat the same color scheme twice.

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Skinner Blend Leaf Cane Tutorial – Poinsettia Part 2

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Skinner Blend Leaf Cane - Poinsettia Tutorial Part 2 by KatersAcres

Welcome back! This tutorial is part 2 for the caned poinsettia project. You can find part one here.

There are lots of different ways to make a leaf cane, I can think of 4 different ways off the top of my head. I made this leaf cane the way shown in this worksheet because I wanted the gradient side portions. Most of the details are an exact copy of the way you completed your petal canes for the first part of your tutorial.

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