52 Weeks of Canes: Leaf Canes

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Polymer Clay Leaf Canes

There are literally hundreds of different tutorials and variations on leaf canes on the internet. You can find even more precision polymer clay leaf cane tutorials sold by professional artists on Etsy. Leaf canes is something that I make and use a lot …

Autumn Harvest Parker StoryBook Scene by KatersAcres      Flower Lolly StoryBook Scene by KatersAcresWoodland Parker Tea Light StoryBook Scene by KatersAcres

This being said, I like to use a wide variety of polymer clay leaf canes in much of my work.  I tend to you the same basic cane to make my leaves, they can’t be too fussy, or they take away from Parker & Lolly’s cuteness … and really … why would I want to do that?  So … here’s a few of the canes I’ve made & their original tutorial links to make your own just like them.

Standard Skinner Blend Leaf Cane

Standard Skinner Blend Cane by KatersAcres | 52 Weekly Cane ProjectsThis is a pretty standard cane that I make often. Honestly though, I did not expect the final result to look like this. I have stated many times before that I rarely use colors straight from the package. For this cane I used two custom colors of a jewel toned green and a lighter green.  However, when I made the skinner blend, the colors virtually look the same! If you look closely you can tell the inside is a lighter green … but barely. *Sigh* It will be interesting to see how this bakes if the color shift is more apparent.

Get the Polymer Clay Leaf Cane Tutorial Here

Skinner Blend Leaf Cane - Poinsettia Tutorial Part 2 by KatersAcres

Advanced Shaded Skinner Blend Cane Tutorial Here

Meg Newberg’s Leaf Cane Tutorial

Meg Newberg's Leaf Cane Tutorial

Get Meg’s Polymer Clay Leaf Cane Tutorial Here

Meg Newberg's Leaf Cane Tutorial | 52 Weeks of Polymer Clay Canes

Well, talk about disappointment … not in Meg or in her tutorial (they are excellent). Disappointment in myself, ultimately.

I had TWO major problems with this cane:

  1. I used a custom coordinating color palette that had a base color match of bronze … so green-bronze, orange-bronze, & yellow-bronze. What happened when I created my blends was that the colors were too similar and not only ended up looking muted, but they ended up being too coordinated. This cane would have been better had I not coordinated my colors first.
  2. I inserted a middle stem … why did I do this? I have NO idea! While I won’t call this cane a flop, the happy-accident is that it looks like flames … kind of.  So … at right you see my flame cane. Hahaha!

I tend to think I can try something and that it will work well … then I end up regretting that decision. At some point, this cane will find it’s way into a kaleidoscope cane, I’m sure.

Tami’s Leaf Cane Tutorial

Polymer Clay Leaf Cane by KatersAcres | 52 Weeks of Canes GroupI will admit that I rather enjoyed this polymer clay leaf cane tutorial.  Not only was it fast & easy (like the others) but it offers a variety of options when making your cane. Again, I used colors other than just green. I live in the woods and I look at leaves much of my life, they are rarely all green, at least not the ones in my woods.

This cane won’t last long I don’t think … I’m going to use it all up pretty quickly I think.

Get Tami’s Polymer Clay Leaf Cane Tutorial Here

Do you want to join us? Come and join the fun at this FaceBook group where we create one cane a week for the entire 2014 year!

Thanks for joining me today,

Happy Claying,



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