52 Weeks of Canes: Leaf Cane

Extruded Leaf Cane by KatersAcres

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Extruded Polymer Clay Leaf Cane

Week 12: Leaf Canes Continued

Extruded Leaf Cane by KatersAcres

This month we have been exploring leaf canes & all the different kinds of leaves that you can make with clay. With all the colors of clay on the market, the infinite possibilities with color mixing, you could make hundreds of different combinations of colored leaves and never repeat the same color scheme twice.

As with many of the weeks, I only did one cane project, the Autumn Leaf Cane from PolymerClayCentral. My studio is very busy lately, gearing up for craft shows & the summer shows in the area.  Not to mention that I make caned leaves almost every week in my studio anyway.

Get The Tutorial for This Leaf Cane Here

Here are my notes & thoughts on this week’s extruded leaf cane:

  • This leaf as infinite possibilities and really is easy & quick to make. Coming up with your color scheme will probably be the hardest part because of the variety of possibilities.
  • This cane is not suitable for miniature work. By the time the leaves are reduced, the leaves look like a blur of color instead of leaves.
  • Extruding is so much easier & efficient with my Lucy Clay Tools Extruder.

Do you want to join us? Come and join the fun at this FaceBook group where we create one cane a week for the entire 2014 year!

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