WIP Wednesday: Skinner Blend Madness

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WIP Wednesday - Skinner Blend Paradise by KatersAcres

Polymer Clay Flowers

The Week of the Skinner Blend

This week has been a very busy week in my studio, with Spring on the way I have been eager to start creating flowers! And like many other things in my studio, when I get the urge to create something I just follow the creative streak until it dies down. (Not to mention that since my gardening skills are not that good.) So unlike my other WIP Wednesday posts, this post is about just one thing instead of all the things I’ve been doing.

Skinner Blend Magic

There’s something wonderful about a skinner blend. The way the clay comes to life, the way that it takes on a whole new characteristic, the way that I’m addicted to them. Are you addicted to Skinner Blends? I never used to be. In all honesty, I never used to like to “take the time” to make them.  But the second part of that is because I’m a sculptor. I love to sculpt whimsical and cute things … you know, like Parker. And when I’m sculpting those cute and whimsical things, I rarely use a Skinner blend. But now that spring is here … it’s time to roll up my sleeves and dive into flowers!

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A Garden of Polymer Clay Flowers

Millefiori Caned Flower Pendants by KatersAcres

Because of my recent obsession with flowers and spring, I will be listing many of these simple & elegant milefiori caned flower necklaces in my Etsy store. Be sure to check them out.

Not sure how to make a Skinner Blend? Try this for additional information.

Will You Create Flowers?

With spring on the way, are you like me? Do you like to create flowers? Or do you create other spring seasonal things? Let me know what’s going on in your studio. Tell me what are you working on. I’d love to hear your thoughts & ideas. Be sure to leave them in the comments below.


5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Skinner Blend Madness

  1. hai.. .im priya from malaysia
    im so intrest with clay but i dont no how to chose the clay coz got so many type.
    which clay is nice to do?like bake clay or air dry clay. . plz help me

    1. I prefer polymer clay which is an oven bake clay. I don’t know what brands are in Malaysia, but Premo!, Cernit, Kato, Pardo, & Sculpey are all brands of oven bake clay.

  2. These flowers are so beautiful, love the thought of spring!!
    Now if you can somehow get the weather to cooperate and let the sun come out, that would be awesome!

  3. I really need to try this, but this is one technique in polymer clay that has intimidated me. I see so many things made using skinner blends and wish I could do this. Actually, now that I think about it, I did try it once and I think I blended it too much because it all just mooshed together and became a different color. I think that is the reason I’m afraid to try.

    1. You most likely folded the color and placed it the WRONG way in the pasta machine. Meg Newberg has a great video for beginners, you can find it on YouTube. It will show you how to make one.

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