Polymer Clay Flower Petal Cane

Striped Flower Petal Cane Tutorial by KatersAcres

 Polymer Clay Flower Petal Cane Tutorial

Inspired by The Zipper Cane

Basic Materials

Polymer Clay Flower Petal Cane Tutorial

  • Polymer Clay Skinner Blend by KatersAcresPrepare a delightfully juicy Skinner Blend (Mine is at right)
  • Follow this tutorial for the Zipper Cane & stack your Skinner blend accordingly.
  • When I made my Zipper Cane, before I stacked it, I backed my entire blend with a lighter purple shade to give depth & variation.

Assembling the Cane

  • Striped Petal Cane Tutorial by KatersAcresStack your Skinner Blend as explained in the Zipper Cane.
  • You will now have a long stack.
  • Using your hands, manipulate this stack into a “U” shape.
  • Begin to reduce until you have a large petal.
  • Set your petal on end and divide into four sections to insert “stamen.”
  • NOTE: I used a light gold, but by the time by petals were assembled, the gold was not enough of a contrast … I should have used orange.
  • Wrap half of your cane in the stamen color for effect (I chose to wrap only the outside of what would be the finished petals).
  • Now your cane is ready to reduce, slice, & use!

Thanks for joining me today,

Happy Claying,

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