Polymer Clay Flower Petal Cane

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Striped Flower Petal Cane Tutorial by KatersAcres

 Polymer Clay Flower Petal Cane Tutorial

Inspired by The Zipper Cane

Basic Materials

Polymer Clay Flower Petal Cane Tutorial

  • Polymer Clay Skinner Blend by KatersAcresPrepare a delightfully juicy Skinner Blend (Mine is at right)
  • Follow this tutorial for the Zipper Cane & stack your Skinner blend accordingly.
  • When I made my Zipper Cane, before I stacked it, I backed my entire blend with a lighter purple shade to give depth & variation.

Assembling the Cane

  • Striped Petal Cane Tutorial by KatersAcresStack your Skinner Blend as explained in the Zipper Cane.
  • You will now have a long stack.
  • Using your hands, manipulate this stack into a “U” shape.
  • Begin to reduce until you have a large petal.
  • Set your petal on end and divide into four sections to insert “stamen.”
  • NOTE: I used a light gold, but by the time by petals were assembled, the gold was not enough of a contrast … I should have used orange.
  • Wrap half of your cane in the stamen color for effect (I chose to wrap only the outside of what would be the finished petals).
  • Now your cane is ready to reduce, slice, & use!

Thanks for joining me today,

Happy Claying,

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