Faux Leather Sculpted Flowers from Polymer Clay

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Faux Leather Sculpted Flowers Tutorial by KatersAcres

Make Your Own Faux Leather Sculpted Flowers

Making these adorable, fun, faux leather sculpted flowers is easy with polymer clay. You can make these for home decor projects, mixed media, jewelry, brooches, and so much more! Learn to make your own with this fun and free tutorial.


How to Make a Faux Leather Sculpted Flowers

  • Faux Leather Sculpted Flowers Tutorial - Steps 1Grab assorted Premo! polymer clays.
  • Note: I wanted metallic brown & red colors for fall; you can make yours any colors you’d like.
  • Blend all the colors together to make your own unique colored blend.
  • Tip: You can make a “Look-at blend” or a solid colored blend like I did.
  • Roll the clay out on the 3rd thinnest setting on your pasta machine.
  • The clay should be thin enough to move fluidly. If not, roll one setting thinner on your machine.
  • NOTE: It is okay if the clay ripples slightly during this process as you are going to ripple it anyway.
  • Use a 1″ round cutter and cut 4 rounds from your sheet.
  • Gently fold and create a slight teardrop shape from each round. Faux Leather Sculpted Flowers Tutorial - Steps 2
  • Set each round aside for now.
  • Cut two more rounds from your sheet (not shown) and stack on top of one another.
  • Cut another round from the sheet and roll into a snake. Place that snake on top of the round to create a raised edge.
  • Now place the first of the folded ‘teardrops’ you just made over the beveled edge of the flower.
  • Use your fingers or a sculpting tool to continue to bend and fold the petal shape as desired.
  • Continue placing the last four evenly around the base of the flower.
  • When you are finished gently press on the inside center of the flower.
  • Repeat by making 4 more of your “petals” and place on top of the original four.
  • Faux Leather Sculpted Flowers Tutorial by KatersAcresAgain, sculpt each petal by hand as you go. Be VERY careful not to smash the under petals as you work.
  • Repeat for the final third layer, this time using only 3 petals.
  • Finish off your sculpted flower by using a few glass beads on headpins.
  • Add a little Bake & Bond to the center of the headpins and arrange them in the center of the flower.
  • Bake in your oven for 45 minutes at 275.
  • Use as a brooch, as pendants, in mixed media or for whatever your heart desires.

These faux sculpted leather flowers & their tutorial were made for our first ever Mini Sculpture Challenge over at the Whimsical Clay Sculpting Group on FaceBook. Entries due on FaceBook 10-12-17. Come on over & join us!

Mixed Media Fall Sculpted Flowers Canvas by Katie Oskin

Thanks for joining me today,

Sculpt Your Dreams,

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