Polymer Clay Millefiori Tiger Cane Tutorial

Animal Print Tiger Cane Tutorial by KatersAcres | More FREE tutorials for polymer clay available!

Take a walk on the Wild Wide with this Animal Print Tiger Cane

The tutorial that I used to make my cane is found here by Ronit Golan, a polymer clay cane master.


Tiger Cane Instructions:

  • Animal Print Polymer Clay Millefiori Tiger Cane Tutorial Steps by KatersAcresCondition each of your colors of polymer clay
  • Make a basic Skinner Blend using the colors of clays you have chosen.
  • Roll your blend into a long log.
  • Squish your block to a manageable size, keeping your color scheme of dark to light colors.
  • Shape the log into a square.
  • Using a blade, make slices in the clay where you want your stripes to be.
  • Reduce your cane. (See tip below)
  • Cut into 4 equal pieces.
  • Arrange to form a “striped” pattern like on a tiger.

Reduction Tip:

  • Using Scrap Clay to Help Minimize Waste in Reduction | This tip is part of the polymer clay millefiori tiger cane tutorial by KatersAcresWhen you are trying to reduce your cane, using scrap clay on the ends helps to cut down on the amount of distortion and clay that you will waste.

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5 thoughts on “Polymer Clay Millefiori Tiger Cane Tutorial

  1. How do you get from the log to the block? I’m new to working with polymer clay. I’ve got some books, just confused about the tiger millefiori. Love it though!

    1. Hi Beth! You will use your hands on either side of the log and squish them together slowly creating your square shape. I hope this helps.

  2. Hi and thanks for a great idea BUT how do the black stripes get into the clay??? I know it says to cut where you want the stripes but what colours the stripes please?

    1. You insert the black sheet/stripes into your cut lines. The stripes should be black.

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