Tiger Striped Pin & Pendant Tutorial

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Animal Print Tiger Cane Brooch & Pendant Tutorial by KatersAcres |Get the tutorial for a Tiger Print Cane as well

Polymer Clay Tutorial

How to Make a Tiger Striped Brooch & Pendant

Who doesn’t love tigers? I love them and what better way to show your love of tigers than with a tiger heart.


Polymer Clay Tutorial

Animal Print Brooch

  • Tiger Print Heart Brooch Tutorial by KatersAcresFirst, make your tiger cane.
  • Cut two equal slices from your cane.
  • Roll out a piece of black clay on a thick setting of your pasta machine.
  • Place them top to bottom on a piece of black clay.
  • Using an acrylic roller, roll the cane slices into the clay creating a veneer.
  • Place your cutter on top of your veneer.
  • Press down into the clay.
  • Remove your clay shapes from the remaining backing.
  • Trim the edge in a similar color of clay OR wrap with a clay ribbon to blend the seams.
  • Dust the trimming with mica powders.
  • Adhere a pin back to your heart shape using Bake & Bond.
  • Bake in a 275 degree oven for 30 minutes.
  • Seal your pin with a coat of varnish.

Animal Print Brooch

  • Tiger Print Heart Pendant Tutorial by KatersAcresRepeat the above steps with any shaped cutter of your choice.
  • Be creative in your choices.
  • Feel free to make brooches or ornaments as well.

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