Finding, Maintaining, & Remaining Creative Through Studio Immersion

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A Dialogue of Creativity for Polymer Clayers | Maintaining Creativity Through Creative Space Immersion

Last week I did a spin off of a post I made some time ago on FaceBook that garnished a lot of attention. So, last week I did a YouTube video on the same ideas and wrote an article about creativity [read it & watch it now]. Today’s video is a continuation of some of my thoughts, ideas, & some of the things that I do to help me maintain my own creativity.  In the following video I expound on this idea and share with you how I get it done. Creativity and remaining creative is something that I truly believe in and am very passionate about.

A Dialogue of Creativity for Polymer Clayers | Maintaining Creativity Through Creative Space Immersion

Maintaining Creativity Through Creative Space Immersion

It’s really tough to maintain your creativity, especially if your creativity and your business go hand in hand (like mine does here at KatersAcres). There’s so many things to tend to, social media can be draining, demand for “can you write this tutorial for us,” to the sea of endless creatives needing help. Here’s a little piece of my heart and how I conquer that feeling of creative block and relieve myself from the paralysis of “the next big idea.”

Creative Space Immersion

It is truly a passion of mine to help people break the boundaries of their creative block. I firmly believe that there is no better way to overcome it than to just sit and “be” in your creative space. I call this creative space immersion. There’s something profound that happens when you take the time to just sit among your work … ideas tend to sprout, stories come to life, and that “itch” to create may actually take hold. My hope for each of you through this video is that you might take these ideas further. Develop your own “habits” that help you maintain your creativity.



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4 thoughts on “Finding, Maintaining, & Remaining Creative Through Studio Immersion

  1. Wonderfully uplifting and motivational. Thank you.

  2. Thanks so much for the ‘inspirational’ pep talk! I live and love to create SOMETHING! I have just this yr started wf polymer and love it but have found out all my ‘work’ (play) has been done wf the wrong type of clay! I had started wf making jewelry then found polymer and decided to make some with that but it’s too brittle or not cooked enough so that I can’t sell or give it as gifts as I can’t guarantee the wear of it! I have resigned myself to using it up in practice pieces so I won’t lose hope yet.
    Learning from people like yourself is a great help!
    Thanks, B

    1. I’m glad it was a help to you Barbara! Feel free to come back soon!

  3. Katie love this video it was very helpful to me and gives me great food for thought. Love you bunches always! XOXO!

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