Polymer Clay & Creativity | Beyond the Block

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A Dialogue of Creativity for Polymer Clayers

Polymer Clay & Creativity

Going Beyond the Block

I posted this a very long time ago on my FaceBook Page and it created a lot of buzz.

This is NOT just #polymerclay. This is dragons, wee folk, flowers, ogres, Parker, bugs, & so much more. Creativity is seeing something that isn’t there … Yet.

Posted by Kater’s Acres on Tuesday, July 28, 2015

In the following video I expound a little bit on this idea. This is something that I truly believe in and am very passionate about.

A Dialogue of Creativity for Polymer ClayersPolymer Clay & Creativity

Creativity comes naturally to some people, while others have to work on it. And for those of you who YOU perceive as having natural creativity, I’m sure if you ask them, they’d disagree and say they had to work on their creativity as much as anyone else! The point however is this … we all have moments where we feel blank and where we feel empty. We are our own worst critics and enemy.

Creative Block

Creative block, blank page syndrome, or the blinking cursor effect is the same way of saying one thing … the ideas are gone. They are all snuffed out. This happens to everyone at some point, whether artist, writer, chef, or party planner. All that’s left is the FEAR of the empty space that sits before you. In the following video I briefly discuss polymer clay & creativity as well as some of my feelings about moving beyond the block. Feel free to leave your comments on the topic below.

Thanks for joining me today.

Happy Claying,


2 thoughts on “Polymer Clay & Creativity | Beyond the Block

  1. Enjoyed very much what you had to say, Katie. Made me think about my hang-ups. I have ideas that never end. They fill my thoughts. I wake up thinking what I would like to try and I go to sleep with the same thoughts. But then, I don’t do it because I am afraid to take that brand new bar of clay and just maybe mess it up. Maybe I can’t do what I have in mind. Maybe no one will like it. What color should it actually be? Should I use paint? Maybe alcohol inks, maybe Pebeo Paints. Should I gloss or resin? I drive myself nuts with all these decisions and end up not even picking up the clay. Does anyone else think like this? It sure can kill creativity.

  2. Thank you Katie that video is awesome! Thank you for sharing to look beyond!

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