Polymer Clay Color Recipe: Sparkling Marsala

Posted on January 6, 2015 in Creative Prompts by Katie Oskin

Polymer Clay Color Recipe

Polymer Clay Winter Blooms Color Recipe - Sparkling Marsala


Premo! Polymer Clay Color Recipe

Sparkling Marsala

Polymer Clay Winter Blooms Color Recipe - Sparkling MarsalaThis polymer clay color recipe coordinates with the Winter Blooms polymer clay color palette. Get the color palette here.

Premo! Polymer Clay Color Recipe:

* 3 Parts “Alizarin Crimson”

* 2 Parts “Ultramarine Blue”

* 2 Parts “Pearl”

Notes: Ultramarine Blue is very strong. For a deeper red color add more Alizarin Crimson. For a more berry tone add more Ultramarine Blue. You can add more pearl than shown, however know that adding more pearl will also lighten your color.

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