Stroppel Cane Miniature Easter Egg Tutorial

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Stroppel Cane Easter Egg Tutorial by KatersAcres

The Stroppel Cane

Stroppel Cane by KatersAcresStroppel Cane by KatersAcresI have blogged about the Stroppel Cane many times, Alice has even joined us here on the blog to say “hi” & give us more information about her awesome cane (see the comments on her post).  I have been making so many canes lately for flower necklaces and things that I have made some of the most beautiful Stroppel canes ever from those canes ends. (Okay, perhaps not ever … but the best ones I’ve ever made for sure.)

I wanted to make some really quick and easy mini ornaments for my Spring Tree.  But what could I make that was cute, colorful, & packed a punch all at the same time? Of course … a lovely Stroppel Cane Easter Egg! So here’s a super quick, fun, & easy project you can whip up for your Easter fun.

Stroppel Cane Easter Egg Tutorial



  • Stroppel Cane Easter Egg Steps by KatersAcres | A fun, easy, & quick polymer clay projectCut off a slice of your Stroppel cane.
  • Roll it into a ball.
  • Roll the ball into an egg shape.
  • Using ultra-fine glitter, roll your egg in the glitter.
  • Important: Once your egg is covered in glitter, roll it in your hands to fully embed the glitter into the clay. This will ensure that when your piece is finished the glitter doesn’t rub off. If you have changed the shape of your egg, change it back into an egg.
  • Cut headpins 1/2 the length of the height of your egg.
  • Place TLS or Bake & Bond on the tip of the wire.
  • Insert it into your egg.
  • Bake at 275 degrees for approximately 1 hour (time is dependent on the size of your eggs, my eggs were 1″ tall).
  • To keep the glitter from rubbing off, seal it with a coat of varnish.


If you make your Stroppel Cane with white clay as a base, instead of black, your eggs will be much lighter in color & more perfect for spring. I used what I already had made, but if you don’t have a Stroppel Cane made, make a new one with white as the base.

What To Do with Your Eggs

Now that you have these lovely eggs, what are you going to do with them? Here’s just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Use them as ornaments & hang them on a seasonal tree.
  • Decorate Easter candy bags with them!
  • Put them on a chain for a cha-cha style bracelet.
  • Use it as a pendant for a Easter necklace.
  • Make them without headpins & place them in mini-woven baskets for Easter.
  • Make a polymer clay basket and place these inside them.

Thanks for joining me today,

Happy Claying,

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3 thoughts on “Stroppel Cane Miniature Easter Egg Tutorial

  1. They’re so cute Katie, Thanks for using a Stroppel Cane once again!


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