What Polymer Clay Means to Me Poster

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What Polymer Clay Means to Me by KatersAcres

What Polymer Clay Means to Me Poster

Part of the fun of our polymer clay weekend with Christi Friesen was that she had offered a contest to everyone who was attending. She asked each person to answer the question “What does polymer clay mean to you?” There were fantastic answers, most revolving around how polymer clay had saved people from a very difficult time in their life (which many of you can relate to I am sure) or about the versatility of the medium. Here’s what I wrote …

Christi Friesen read us many of the entries and as she was reading the paragraphs of entries I became nervous … you know, how you get like you were in grade school when the teacher stands in front of the class and says, “listen to all these great essays.”  Well that was just the point … these were essays.  I leaned over to Mom and said, “whelp … I did it wrong again … I guess I was supposed to write an essay. Oops. Oh well!” So there I sat listening to some wonderful stories about clay, freedom in clay, and the ability to replicate most anything with polymer.

Christi gracefully announced the “runner-up” and then the winner (and I can’t remember who it was, I’m getting old, just like my memory). Much to my shock however … I was the winner! WOW! I didn’t do it wrong at all! COOL! So, without further ado, here’s my 3 sentence answer and as a gift to you, you can download this PDF poster, print it out to hang in your studio to remind you of all the great things you too can do with polymer clay.  ENJOY!

What Polymer Clay Means to Me by KatersAcres

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  1. I love your ‘essay.’ Succinct and simple, the best kind. Printing it now. Thanks!

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