Snowflake Leaf Cane

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Snowflake Canes by KatersAcres

52 Weeks of Canes Project

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Snowflake Canes

This past week our canes for the 52 Weeks of Canes Group we were tasked with making two different kinds of snowflake canes. This suits me just fine because I love winter and I love snow. Parker also likes snow and winter too. I haven’t been making every cane from every week, just for the simple fact that if I don’t have a use for it, I’m likely not going to make it. As a sculptor, I have much less use for canes than that of jewelry artists, however, I really do like to make them! Below are the two links to this past week’s tutorials.

Snowflake Canes by KatersAcres

Lined Based Snowflake Cane Tutorial by Eugenia Topina

Snowflake Canes by KatersAcres

Leaf Based Snowflake Cane Tutorial from 2GoodClaymates

Snowflake Leaf Cane by KatersAcres

Here’s a few of my “in process” photos from this cane. See the fantastic tutorial from 2GoodClaymates to make your own version. A few notes however, I would make it as she has with matching fill & leaf colors. I wanted to use mine as a translucent cane, however, without the white as fill, it looks like a strange leaf-type cane, unless it is reduced into small canes. So follow her tutorial and you’ll be good to go!
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