Midnight Twinkle Color Recipe – Fall 2017 Color Palette

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Fall 2017 Color Palette - Midnight Twinkle by KatersAcres

Premo Color Recipe for Polymer Clay

Premo color recipe in Midnight Twinkle for polymer clay. A few weeks ago I introduced you to the Fall 2017 color recipes. I hope that you’ve taken some time to look through them and enjoy them as well. Today’s color is rich, dark, deep, with a hint of pizazz that yearns for a warm accompaniment.

Midnight Twinkle Color Recipe – Premo Polymer Clay

  • 8 Parts Ultramarine Blue
  • 2 Parts Antique Gold
  • 1 Part Burnt Umber


  • Use this with any of the Fall 2017 Color Palette Colors.
  • Add 1 more part burnt umber to shift this color to an ‘almost black’.
  • Add 2 less parts Ultramarine Blue to add more depth and reduce the blue warmth of this color.
  • Pairs well with light blue, pink, and cream-toned acrylics or inks to help it stand out in the crowd (get my recommendations here).

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I hope this color will help inspire your fall creations. If this color wasn’t quite what you were looking for, feel free to visit our other Color Recipes and find a different color that might better suit your tastes.

Thank you for being a part of the Kater’s Acres Family, Sculpting Blessings,

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