Santa’s Feet Ornament

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5 Days of Christmas Ornaments by KatersAcres | Santa's Feet Ornament FREE Tutorial

5 Days of Ornaments

Today kicks off the 5 Days of Christmas Ornaments! This years series is a lot of fun and all about … feet! Today we kick things off with nothing other than Santa’s Feet Ornament.

I love Christmas and I really love making Christmas ornaments. I hope that this year’s batch of Christmas ornaments will be inspiring and you will make your own from them as well. Don’t forget to share the tutorial link with others you know that might like it.

  • 5 Days of Christmas Ornaments by KatersAcres | Santa's Feet Ornament FREE TutorialUse a 1″ round cutter and cut two equal black rounds of clay.
  • Roll each into a teardrop shape.
  • Then roll each ball into an “L” shape.
  • Shape each “S” into a boot like shape.
  • Take a piece of grey granitex clay and shape it into a wonky “chimney” shape.
  • Place the two boots next to it.
  • Gently press all together until they hold.
  • Take two equal red balls about the size of hazelnuts and roll into teardrops.
  • Place in the center of the boots as Santa’s “pants.”
  • Take some “dirty white” clay and shape it roughly with thumb and fingers into a twisty shape to look like smoke.
  • Add eye pins to the back to add hooks to hang for later.
  • Bake  in your polymer clay dedicated oven at 275 degrees for 45 minutes.

Thanks for joining me today,

Happy Claying,
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