Gingerbread Man Tutorial

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Gingerbread Man Tutorial by KatersAcres | Sculpting Mini-Tutorial for Polymer Clay, Fondant, & Other Sculpting Mediums

Gingerbread Man Tutorial

Polymer clay mini tutorial for a cute Gingerbread Man


Gingerbread Man Tutorial

Today’s mini tutorial is a one picture easy to do tutorial.

Gingerbread Man Tutorial Instructions by KatersAcres

  • Condition your clay.
  • Roll 4 medium teardrops of brown clay.
  • Roll 1 large teardrop of brown clay.
  • Roll 1 large ball of brown clay.
  • Attach each piece together to make the figurine look like it’s sitting.
  • Blend the seams.
  • Roll 4 white snakes of clay.
  • Wrap each snake around a limb.
  • Insert eyes into head.
  • Use dotting tools to make the mouth.
  • Use blending chalks on a small paint brush to accent the cheeks.
  • BAKING INSTRUCTIONS: FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS ON YOUR PACKAGE. This being said, I bake ALL my pieces (mostly Premo! clay) at 265 for an hour each. Sometimes they bake for an hour, twice!
  • NOTE: Get baking tips here.

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