Brass & Gemstone Dragon Pendant Tutorial

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Polymer Clay Dragon Pendant Tutorial Using Brass & Gemstones by KatersAcres

This polymer clay and gemstone dragon pendant tutorial will teach you how to make your own dragon pendant with a few basic supplies. This is a very simple tutorial geared toward novice polymer clay sculptors. It will show you the basics of creating your own gemstone dragon pendant. Feel free to embellish and add detail to your own pendant.

Combining Materials with Polymer Clay

Polymer Clay Dragon Pendant Tutorial Using Brass & Gemstones by KatersAcresEarlier this spring I wrote a series of articles for Polyform about combining mixed media materials with polymer clay. [View the articles here] The most popular of these articles was entitled “Products You Can Use with Polymer Clay.” One of my favorite things to combine with polymer clay is gemstones, glass, & metals (especially brass).

FREE Gemstone Dragon Pendant Tutorial

Brenda Sue Lansdowne has a wonderful online store called B’Sue Boutiques. There you can get high quality, unique, rich low brass stampings in multiple platings and finishes. If you’ve ever wondered how to make your own gemstone dragon pendant, this simple tutorial will show you the basics. Remember, you can make this dragon as complex as you’d like!

Get the FREE Gemstone Dragon Pendant Tutorial in PDF form from B’Sue Boutiques Here

To get the tutorial click on the link above, scroll down to “Katie Oskin” and click on “Polymer Clay Dragon Pendant Tutorial.”

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