EasyCuffs with Teresa Pandora Salgado

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Teresa Pandora Salgado - Stylish & Fun Easy Cuff Bracelets

There’s few things that are as fun as making your own cuff bracelets, unless you’re using Teresa Pandora Salgado’s EasyCuffs Bracelet kit. Teresa has taken ALL the guess work out of making cuff bracelets for you. She’s come up with a fast, fun, & easy way to make polymer clay cuff bracelets in three fun sizes. With EasyCuffs there’s a cuff bracelet for everyone from your best friend, niece, aunt, grandma, and even your sister-in-laws best friend’s, aunt’s niece! Yep, Teresa’s got you covered. If you haven’t visited TinyPandora, be sure to stop by.

Polymer Clay Artist, Teresa "Pandora" SalgadoThere are lots of wonderful things in the polymer clay world and there are lots of wonderful people in the polymer clay world too. My journey into the polymer clay world over the past 7 years has led me to some amazing people. One of which is the generous and kind, Teresa Pandora Salgado. Many know Teresa because of her sense of humor and candor in her YouTube videos. Teresa has made a name for herself in a caning world by manipulating millefiori cane in a method she calls “Scayning.” This is not Teresa’s first visit here to our blog. You can read more about her, her art, and her products by clicking HERE. Last year I introduced you to her CaneBenders. Today we are going to talk about one of her more of her unique products, EasyCuffs.

EasyCuffs – What are They?

Teresa Pandora Salgado - Stylish & Fun Easy Cuff BraceletsWhat are EasyCuffs? EasyCuffs is a complete system for polymer clay jewelry artists to make your own polymer clay cuff style bracelets. EasyCuffs kits include the following:

  • 3 metal bracelet blanks in 1/2″, 3/4″, & 1″ sizes
  • 3 lucite templates to fit the blanks in 1/2″, 3/4″, & 1″ sizes

What does this mean? It means that by having a perfectly matched lucite template (which will last over time) you can easily cut your clay veneers down to size to fit onto your cuff forms. [Learn to make fun collaged veneer’s here].

Get Your Own EasyCuffs Kit Here

EasyCuffs Kit Tutorial with Teresa Pandora Salgado

Embedded with permission of Teresa Pandora Salgado

Why I Recommend EasyCuffs

Teresa Pandora Salgado - Stylish & Fun Easy Cuff BraceletsEasyCuffs takes the guess work out of making fast, fun, and gorgeous cuff bracelets. At this point in time, there is no other kit like this on the market. The best part about Teresa’s kit is that you can reuse both the metal forms and the lucite blanks over and over again. This makes this kit timeless and at just $20 a superb value! The bracelets go together quickly, easily, and can be made in a wide variety of shapes, colors, patterns, and textures. They can be made simple with just texture, complex with some gorgeous millefiori canes, or anywhere in the middle.

Have some fun and experiment. See what designs you can come up with! Having trouble? Try this tutorial from Teresa and see what you can do.

Teresa Pandora Salgado - Stylish & Fun Easy Cuff BraceletsWith the addition of the EasyCuff Extras you can add extra metal blanks and some metal components to make easy attachments to make some fun closures for your cuffs as well.

Thanks for joining me today,

Happy Claying,
 FULL DISCLOSURE: I was not paid or compensated for selecting the polymer clay materials and/or supplies mentioned in the article above by either the artist or their business. I did receive the product for free to try and test on my own. The above expressed opinions of both the artist and their product are solely my own.


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