EasyCuffs Tutorial with Teresa Pandora Salgado

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Polymer Clay EasyCuffs Tutorial with Teresa Pandora Salgado

Making your own polymer clay cuff bracelets couldn’t be easier with this EasyCuffs Tutorial from Teresa Pandora Salgado. Learn to make your own easy, simple, & quick bracelets using Teresa Pandora Salgado’s EasyCuffs bracelet kit.

EasyCuffs Tutorial

  • Polymer Clay EasyCuffs Tutorial with Teresa Pandora SalgadoFully Condition 1/2 block Translucent and your choice of 1/s block Premo Accents metallic clay together.
  • Roll on the 2nd largest setting of your pasta machine.
  • Form into a long strip.
  • Emboss on both sides (using the “sandwich method) using two different stamps or embossing sheets.
  • Choose ONE of your lucite width guides from your EasyCuff kit and matching EasyCuff metal blanks. Be sure that they match in width.
  • Trim the clay to match the lucite blank.
  • Polymer Clay EasyCuffs Tutorial with Teresa Pandora SalgadoWrap the clay around your metal form.
  • Smooth seams and edges using your fingers.
  • Trim the edges to fit the metal blank using a craft knife or clay blade.
  • Insert jump rings (as needed) into the clay with open side embedded into the clay.
  • Add mica powder to top surface of cuff (shown: Tide Pool from Christi Friesen).
  • Remove from metal form.
  • Bake in your dedicated polymer clay oven for 45 minutes at 275 degrees.
  • Once bracelet has baked, finish adding metal components as desired.
  • Wear & Enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “EasyCuffs Tutorial with Teresa Pandora Salgado

  1. I have these forms. Tiny Pandora bracelets are my fav to make. I leave mine on the form to bake so they don’t get distorted. Will just pop off after cooling.

    1. I leave mine on the form sometimes too. I guess it would largely depend on the style of bracelet you are making. Thanks for the reminder and the tip Jo!

  2. I just got this bracelet making set. It is fantastic! For anyone on the fence, it is so worth the money. I have just started to play with them. They are top quality and I would highly recommend them to anyone!

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