Tutorial of the Month: Beadmaker’s Bundle from The Blue Bottle Tree

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The Blue Bottle Tree - Beadmakers Bundle

The Blue Bottle Tree


Beadmaker’s Bundle from The Blue Bottle Tree is sure to inspire your polymer clay bead making this season. I’d like to  introduce you to our polymer clay tutorial of the month! [Click here to see past tutorials of the month.] This month I bring none other than my darling friend, Ginger Davis Allman from The Blue Bottle Tree.

Ginger Davis Allman of the Blue Bottle TreeMost of you know me well enough now to know I’m going to tell you like it is … Ginger is my darling clay friend. Over the years we have built a friendship that I am honored by and one that I cherish. Ginger is well known for her science-like, information, and detailed posts she does researching all sorts of things related to polymer clay. This year she introduced to us her “Fast Facts” which are quick, readable, fact filled nuggets of information. Ginger is well loved and highly respected in the polymer clay community and it is my joy and my honor to feature her as our “Polymer Clay Tutorial of the Month” writer.

The Beadmaker’s Bundle – 3 Polymer Clay Tutorials

The Blue Bottle Tree - Beadmakers BundleFor anyone who has ever purchased one of Ginger’s tutorials, you know how well written, concise, and absolutely STUNNING they are. Ginger’s tutorials make you WANT to play with clay. I have purchased many of her tutorials and written a review for the HoloEffects Tutorial [Click here to purchase the HoloEffect tutorial]. Our polymer clay tutorial of the month is The Beadmaker’s Bundle. Even though I don’t make jewelry often, I do have a enjoy making beads, especially the Organic & Rustic Beads found in this Bundle Pack. This bundle pack consists of 3 separate instructional tutorials: Organic Beads, Rustic Beads, and Faux Glass Effects which can be purchased from The Blue Bottle Tree’s Tutorial Shop individually. I would encourage anyone and everyone who enjoys new ideas, concepts, and techniques to purchase this bundle pack from Ginger. It is well worth every penny!!!

Organic Beads Tutorial

Blue Bottle Tree - Organic Beads TutorialOrganic Beads by Katie Oskin of KatersAcres | Made from Blue Bottle Tree's Organic Beads TutorialLet’s start with my absolute favorite of the bundle … the Organic Beads Tutorial. I had the most fun making the Shaping Sheets (which Ginger fully explain’s in the tutorial) and finding things to make them from. Making the beads was sheer fun, just like claying should be! As you all know I am a huge fan of color … so of course my beads fair on the lighter & brighter side of the world. Ginger will show you the steps how to make these beads in any color you choose, how to place precise and accurate holes, and how to finish & seal these beauties as well. Every step, detail, and option imaginable are covered. This is definitely my favorite of the bunch.

Purchase This Tutorial from The Blue Bottle Tree Here

Rustic Beads Tutorial

Blue Bottle Tree - Rustic Beads TutorialRustic Beads by Katie Oskin of KatersAcres | Made from Blue Bottle Tree's Rustic Beads TutorialThe Rustic Beads Tutorial is another fantastic tutorial! Not only will you learn how to make beads, but Ginger also goes into detail making component parts, dangles, and even headpins. Sometimes I have to break the rules. Ginger’s rustic beads are beautiful, old, worn looking, scruff-tastic, and completely drool worthy. However … I have a hard time separating myself from color and my passion for it. So my beads are vivid, bright, and yet still hold that “rustic” feel. My beads are a prime example of how well Ginger writes her tutorials. Once you learn her techniques, the possibilities are literally endless! So whether you make your beads look like something that was just excavated from another time or something that got lost in the back corner of an art room (like mine) … this tutorial is just plain awesome.

Purchase This Tutorial from The Blue Bottle Tree Here

Faux Glass Effects Tutorial

Blue Bottle Tree - Faux Glass Effects TutorialHurry and purchase this stand-out tutorial! There simply aren’t words to describe the number of “oh now that’s awesome” moments I had while devouring this tutorial. The Faux Glass Effects tutorial will literally open your mind to the unique ways that polymer clay can be used to achieve a wide variety of faux effects. Polymer clay as a medium is so versatile, fascinating, and will often make you stop and say, “Wow, that’s polymer?!” This tutorial will demonstrate how to make the following faux glass effects: Roman glass, sea glass, Czech glass, carnival glass, and Aurora domes. This tutorial is a prime example that will show you how and why Ginger is one of the best technique/tutorial writers out there.

Purchase This Tutorial from The Blue Bottle Tree Here

Here’s Some Examples of What You Can Do with These Tutorials:


Blue Bottle Tree Tutorial Sample Photo Collage | Tutorials Available at BlueBottleTree.com/shop
Blue Bottle Tree Tutorial Sample Photo Collage | Tutorials Available at TheBlueBottleTree.com/shop


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