Etsy 5 Star Review System

Posted on August 28, 2013 in Build Your Brand by Katie Oskin

New: 5 Star Etsy Feedback Review Scale

Etsy 5 Star Feedback Review System on KatersAcres Blog

Etsy’s revamping itself once again with an upgrade to the feedback system … we’ll discuss why it’s important and whether or not you’ll love it or hate it.

The “New” Look

The Updated Etsy Shop Sidebar

You may have noticed that your Etsy store as a new look … it has a built in feedback upgrade that includes a 5 star rating. You can see this when you go to your store’s front page.  I think Etsy is a great marketplace, but I think they have a lot of downfalls as well. I think this new feedback system is going to leave buyers & sellers with a bad taste in their mouth.

Read About the 5 Star System Direct from Etsy Here

Here’s some of the changes that you’ll notice right away (some that I don’t really like):

  • As a seller, you can no longer leave feedback for your buyers. Honestly, this just makes me sad. I love and appreciate each of my customers. How am I supposed to let them know this now? We’re not allowed to send unsolicited conversations to Etsy users…all in all I think that Etsy missed on this one.
  • You have to “wait” to review your purchase. Sad, but true. When Etsy thinks that you should have your item, they will let you know … and then you can leave a review. Oh dear.
  • More recent feedback profiles! This can actually work for you. It means that the only feedback that are included in your “rating” are those that have happened in the past 12 months. If it was before that, it doesn’t help. Here’s the glitch, even though you may have had 100% feedback in the past, you may see your star rating drop. *Sigh*
  • Editable ratings. While with the new system Etsy has bowed out of all disputes (even getting rid of the Kiss-and-MakeUp feature), you will now be able to edit a review you have left for someone. Take note however, it works both ways. Yep – more stars or … you got it, less stars. *Sigh*

There are lots more details yet to come and some I have yet to understand, take the time to browse through the Etsy forum’s and read all about it. There are LOTS of comments, opinions, negative, and positive feedbacks in this forum thread. Check it out.

Kelly Sorenson of Kelly Designs has taken the time to write a lot of information on this subject. She’s not happy with the new system and many points that she made I agree with! Read her comments here.



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