Build Your Brand – What Should Be on Your Etsy Business Card

Kater's Acres Business Card Example

Build Your Brand - Tips for marketing your Etsy store by KatersAcres

One of the most important things to send with your shipments is an Etsy business card.  What should be on your business card is a hotly debated issue and you will read lots of articles on what you should put on it.  Do a little research and see what Etsy recommends or what other people recommend.  You can do that easily by performing a basic Google search.  But for today, I’m going to tell you why you need a business card for your Etsy shop and what I feel should be on your Etsy business card.


Kater's Acres Business Card ExampleI have made many purchases online, especially handmade purchases online.  What makes me so sad is when I receive an awesome product and there’s no business card inside.  A business card is important.  Here’s just a few reasons why.  The first one is the most obvious, your business card is a reminder of where the item was purchased!  There have been many times when I have opened a package and not only is there no business card, but there is no invoice either.  If your buyer is someone who buys on a regular occasion online, they may not remember who they bought that awesome item from.  Your business card is one of the few ways to remind your customer who they bought from and where they can return to purchase another awesome item.  The second reason is because may people will keep your business card with the item they purchased from you.  If you have all your important information on that card it will allow them to come back, again and again and again.  And that’s what you want, a repeat customer.


There are lots of things you can put on your business card.  But there are a few things that should be included.

  • Your Etsy Name – Whatever name you have registered as your Etsy name and the one that appears in your user profile, this is the name you should use.  Whether it is just a first name, first & last name, or joint names (Emma & Alex).
  • Your Etsy Shop Name & Address &/or Website Some Etsy users don’t have a matching shop name & shop address, so it is vital that both appear on your business card…especially if they don’t match.  You can also include your website, if you have one.
  • One Social Network – One social network of your choice should be displayed on your business card, whichever following you are trying to grow or where you have the most presence.
  • Your Brand – In the case of my business card, Parker is our branding image & logo.
  • On the Back – It’s not necessary to put anything on the back of your business cards, unless you want to.  I give polymer clay lessons in my home, so that information is on the back of my business card.  Some people put loyalty offers on the back of their card, coupons, or any other information you want your customer to have.

Stay tuned next week for more important information on building your brand.

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6 thoughts on “Build Your Brand – What Should Be on Your Etsy Business Card

  1. Hi. I’m new to Etsy and I’m working on business cards. Should I also print the name of an associate who makes some of the items? Thanks for your help.

    1. This comes down to an issue of “ethical practice.” If the associate makes a specific line of items, I would make an entirely separate business card for that line. If however it’s just a portion of items you use to finish your own items (for example you buy bow centers for custom bows you make) I would not. It is not your responsibility to put where your materials are sourced on your business cards. If your business is a true partnership, then YES you need both names on your business card.

  2. I am just getting started with my Etsy account and love any advice that can help promote my shop image. Thank you!
    Etsy shop BeadedHands

    1. You’re welcome!

  3. I have a label I stick to my products I ship with my etsy info, but I also do business cards. This is great info! Thank you!

    1. Adding a label to your product is a GREAT idea Crystal! Thank you for sharing.

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