52 Weeks of Canes: Fish Millefiori Cane Project

Polymer Clay Fish Millefiori Canes by KatersAcres

Each and every week I have shared with you the 52 Weekly Cane Project by showcasing what I made. This week’s is no exception . I really loved this week’s project! First off, it was right up my alley: bright, colorful, & cheerful! Because they were so cute … I made 5 canes and reduced them down to give me a total of 10 bright & colorful fish variations.

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Get the Fish Millefiori Cane Tutorial

The original idea for this fish millefiori cane came from Kim Korringa.  You can view her tutorial here. Please note, Kim’s tutorial makes this look easy … however, this is by far the most complex cane I have made to date.  Kim makes it look so easy. And obviously, judging from the picture at right, she’s done these many times. Rian Sanderse also has written a similar tutorial that outlines these same steps & principals in much more detail.

My Fish Millefiori Canes

Polymer Clay Fish Millefiori Canes by KatersAcres


My aptly named fish millefiori canes, “Fishies.” While not near as cute & colorful as the originals by Kim Korringa, they are colorful in their own right! I started out making 5 large skinner bullseye blends in a coordinated color palette.  Then I made “Fishie Fins” and set them aside. Next I assembled and made all the basic fish “bodies.”  Then I started putting the pieces together.   When I was all finished, I got this smorgasbord of “FISHIES” to use for later creations.


Polymer Clay Fish Millefiori Canes by KatersAcres

SHORTCUT HINT: To make these canes, if you make skinner blends for 1 whole pack for each color of clay and then cut them in 1/2, you can use 1/2 of those skinner blend rolls for the fish bodies and the other halves for all the details that you will add to them!

TIP: It is best if you allow these canes to rest at least 24 hours – 1 week before trying to slice them and add them to something, otherwise they will just smoosh.

Canes Made by the Group:

Fish Canes by the FB 52 Weekly Canes Group | Photo Made by Rian Sanderse
Photo Made by Rian Sanderse

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Gallery contains LINKS for tutorials here on my site as well as across the web.

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