2017 Polymer Clay Adventure on Sale NOW!

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Join the 2016 Polymer Clay Adventure

2017 Polymer Clay Adventure

Polymer Clay Adventure

2017 Polymer Clay Adventure

What Is It?

christifriesenpca2017floramirrorThe 2017 Polymer Clay Adventure is an online retreat offering classes from 27 teachers from around the world! All together, all for ONE low price.

Why Should You Join Now?

  • marlenebradypca2017Exciting polymer clay and mixed media projects all year long.
  • All classes are available from 1 January 2017 so you choose what you do first; any teacher, any project.
  • No luggage to haul.
  • No expensive airfare.
  • barbmcguirepca2017hope-withinNo expensive hotels.
  • Work at your own pace.
  • No babysitters needed.
  • Classes available 24/7.
  • Take the classes on YOUR schedule.
  • Meet other people with the same passion for polymer.
  • Share your work.
  • Get help & feedback from the teacher & others in the group.
  • Private FB group to meet and share your projects.

Join the 2016 Polymer Clay Adventure

Sample Projects & List of Teachers

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  • Christi Friesen – Floral Mirror
  • Debbie Crothers – Striped Beads
  • Katie Oskin – Dinosaur Marionette
  • Miheala Georgescu – Tribal Totems
  • Teresa Pandora Salgado – Pandora’s Box
  • Anke Humpert – Mosaic Books
  • Suzanne Ivester – Clay Blade Box
  • Anne & Karen Mitchell – Leaf Mosaic
  • Agata Mezynska – Leaf Stone Beads
  • Cindi McGee – Succulent Garden Pendant
  • Ivy Niles – Flower & Leaf Canes
  • Jana Murinova – Festive Earrings
  • Brooke Bock – Flower Necklace
  • Iris Mishly – Fairy Flowers
  • Shannon Tabor – Rugged Facets
  • Syndee Holt – Patterned Beads
  • Barbara McGuire – Hope Angel
  • Darlene Madden – Patterned Shrine
  • Jessica Mount – Miniature Junk Food
  • Lisa Loria – Fairy Garden Ring
  • Marlene Brady – Sea Life Vase
  • Lisa Pavelka – Seeing Spots & Stripes
  • Yael Falk – Invisible Spool Knitting & Wire Crochet
  • Kira Slye – Organic Focal Beads
  • Elena Marunich – Bright Summer Pendant

Join the 2016 Polymer Clay Adventure

3 thoughts on “2017 Polymer Clay Adventure on Sale NOW!

  1. Me too! I joined as soon as I got the email on Friday..I kept telling my self I was going to do it this year and Katie finally talked me into it. I’m so excited ..like a kid at Christmas!!! And I’ve been thinking if my husband gives me money because he forgets my birthday Then I might just get last year so I don’t have to wait. But I might need to buy more supplies..decisions decisions…

    1. I’m so excited that you’re joining us! This is a GREAT BIG fun adventure!!!!

  2. I am so excited! I just joined for next year with your link 🙂

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